OxyELITE Pro vs. Super HD

The market is already saturated with similar sounding supplements that some are bound to compare one with the other. So far OxyELITE Pro has been reigning supreme as a power fat burner. With its latest ingredient profile very few supplements could match up to it. The latest contender may have a shot; Cellucor Super HD has been gaining popularity as a fat targeting and sculpting agent.

Two supplements go head to head, each with their own blend of ingredients and benefits.

Cellucor Super HD

Over all, it’s a powerful product. It has great ingredients for boosting focus and with a little bit of energy on the side. Here are some of the blends and matrices worth mentioning.

The Nootropic and CNS Ingredients

A great blend that can enhance mental focus, it’s really powerful enough to keep you mentally alert for a long period of time. However, majority of the mental focus can be attributed to Caffeine anhydrous at 160 milligrams a dose. The Toothed Clubmoss is just a mere 2.5 milligram dosage so it only serves to support Caffeine.

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Nobody will argue; Caffeine is a good ingredient. Many people respond positively to it. Unfortunately, not a lot of people like this much caffeine because some get jittery symptoms which many have called “unclean” energy. This can be solved by cutting down on the caffeine intake such as reducing the number of cups of coffee. Not an easy feat for coffee drinkers or Super HD users though. Due to the caffeine content being 160 milligrams, taking 2 caps might easily push you over the limit and cause those caffeine related side effects.

ThermoSculpting Blend


Cellucor Super HD boosts focus and energy.

Approximately 253 milligrams of ingredients with fat burning benefits. You have the following ingredients crammed into this blend

  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
  • Tuber Fleece Flower Root Extract
  • Chinese Mistletoe Stem Extract
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract
  • Amla Fruit Extract
  • Dandelion Flower Root Extract
  • Pausinystalia Yohimbe Extract
  • Red pepper Fruit
  • Evodiamine
  • Rauwolfia Extract

That’s about 10 ingredients. You might think that this is all great. You have a lot of ingredients for burning fat. But if you look closer, Super HD has severely micro dosed ingredients. In general, you’ll have to distribute 253 mg to the ten ingredients under this blend. In general, 25mg extracts aren’t going to do much for you — especially when we have no clue what exactly they’re being extracted for!

Some might not think of it at all but ingredients like Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis), Rauwolfia, Red Pepper and the like need to be more than 25 milligrams to be effective. This leaves the rest of the ingredients at microdoses too small to have any real effect.

Other Benefits of Cellucor Super HD

Still, the main focus of Cellucor Super HD is clear with their ingredient list. They have ingredients that release energy such as B vitamins. If you combine mental alertness and energy release, one can work out longer in the gym.

But as fat burners go, Super HD has too much “other” stuff, vs the fat-targeting Oxy ELITE..

The New OxyELITE Pro Formula Has the Purple Top

The New OxyELITE Pro Formula Has the Purple Top


First of all, there’s a new formulation. Many have started calling the new OEP as the “purple top” OxyELITE Pro. Even with the new formulation it can stand up to numerous ingredients of Cellucor Super HD. But it’s still the original formula discussed on our home page intro that we like the best.

OEP Proprietary Blend

Only 6 ingredients and OEP can give help you BURN fat. Unlike most companies out there that throw in a lot of ingredients in a tub and hope for the best that they work, USPLabs OxyELITE Pro is pharmacist formulated with the clear intent of targeting fat.

First off, the Caffeine content is just 135 milligrams. That might still seem a lot but against the caffeine dose of Cellucor Super HD, OxyELITE Pro has a better dosage. Again, Caffeine is a great mental stimulant that can stand up on its own. You don’t really need a lot of ingredients to enforce it.

Second, the proprietary blend contains great ingredients that work well with each other. There are only 5 ingredients so there isn’t any overcrowding and micro dosing.

Noroclaurine HCl

Also known as Higenamine. There’s a whole lot of research on this ingredient. Too many to list in detail in this article. It’s first use was a dilator for the trachea and bronchioles. However as more researched was done, the ingredient was found to be capable of several tihings such as:

  • Nitric Oxide production
  • Beta Receptor stimulation
  • Potent booster of Caffeine benefits

It’s a safe and effective fat burning agent and the increased blood supply from NO production gives you better mental focus.


It’s a relatively new ingredient that is considered as an alkaloid with thermogenic benefits at low doses. At higher dosages, it becomes anabolic. However, OEP is focused as a fat burner so a low dosage is better.

It’s a Beta 3 receptor stimulator. Research have shown that Beta 3 stimulation does regulate lipolysis, but compared to Beta 1 and Beta 2 it’s weaker. However, the best part is that Beta 3 causes the least amount of side effects.

Still, other benefits of Aegeline are evident as it can help lower triglyceride, glucose, cholesterol and FFA (free fatty acids) in the blood.

Hemerocallis Fulva

It’s a great anti oxidant ingredient that also serves as a stimulator for lipid mobilization. The problem with most fat cells is that they refuse to open up and release its fat store. With Hemerocallis Fulva in OxyELITE Pro, it’s like keys opening fat cells for you to use the fat store as energy during workout!


There are hundreds of studies about Yohimbe. However, the pure extract might cause some side effects which are why OEP uses the whole bark extract.

There are tons of benefit for the whole bark extract. One is that the Yohimbine HCl content is lower so there’s no problem with side effects. Two, there are other alkaloids present in the bark that can help with the burning of fat.

What about DMAA? This is the Appetite Suppressant / Focus Factor in the Original

Of course, the original formula, which is available in the US, has DMAA, or 1,3 Dimethylamylamine. We’ll admit, you either love it or hate it. A vast majority love it, as you can see from our OEP Reviews page. If you don’t like it (or you’re international), you can go with the new formula shown above.

But if you’re in the US and have an option… we currently like the original better. We are confident in both against any other fat burner though.

Final Verdict

In the battle between Cellucor Super HD and OxyELITE Pro there are surprising results. Both supplements have their strong points and weak points.

However, Cellucor Super HD focuses too much on mental alertness and energy boosters that favor glucose too much (B Vitamins). The cramped thermosculpting blend isn’t going to help enough to make up for it. Still, if you take one either one and work out and eat right, you are going to see benefits eventually.

We’re really talking about the top 2 over-the-counter products on the market right now. You’re really not going to go wrong with either.

The simplistic ingredient profile of OxyELITE Pro is its great strength. The ingredients are streamlined to help the body make use of FAT as energy. Actually, fat burning is really about making your fat cells release their fat stores so you can burn it during workout. The caffeine is just there to provide mental stimulation and focus but the main point is, you’re using fat as energy during workout and that’s the mark of a true fat burner!

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