OxyELITE Pro vs. Roxylean

Need to lose weight? I am sure you have heard of many different ways to lose that unwanted fat, especially around the middle. Those pesky love handles just will not go away. The market is FULL of fat burners and weight loss supplements, but here we’re going to compare OxyELITE Pro and Roxylean.

The pros of OxyELITE Pro

  • OxyELITE Pro is great for suppressing your appetite. As a matter of fact it works so well you may have to force yourself to eat in order to get all the protein your body needs. It also works well at helping control your cravings.

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  • The amazing thing about OxyELITE Pro is that it attacks the bad fat as opposed to the good fat. What is good fat? Good fat is the fat that surrounds your organs called visceral fat. Your bodies organs need fat to function properly. The bad fat is the fat located just under your skin — the subcutaneous fat.

  • OxyELITE Pro has additional mild stimulants as well, beyond caffeine. It will give you energy, keep you alert, and help to you concentrate better. It increases your energy so that you will feel like you can get things done. If you are like me when I try to diet, you lose all of your energy and just don’t feel like exercise. You will not have this problem with OxyELITE Pro!

  • One of the very best things about OxyELITE Pro is that you will not feel the “crash” that you will feel with an “overstimmed” product like Roxylean.

  • OxyELITE Pro gives you that all overall feeling of improved mental and physical performance with none of the side effects that other weight loss supplements may give you.

Pros of Roxylean

Roxylean gives you lots of energy

Roxylean gives you lots of energy and increases focus.

  • An appetite suppressant and helps control your cravings.

  • Helps with regulating your moods, increases your focus and improves your mental and physical performance.

  • Roxylean increases your metabolism to help you burn off unwanted fat.

  • Very high stim… if that’s what you’re looking for

The Cons of OxyELITE Pro

  • OxyELITE Pro makes you feel hot. Some actually don’t see this as a bad thing though, since the heat means  that OxyELITE Pro is working and doing the job in boosting your metabolism.

  • Due to the fact that OxyELITE Pro increases your metabolism you may sweat more than usual. This is just the OxyELITE Pro hard at work!

  • There are two versions, which causes confusion. We like the original version discussed on our homepage, but you can see the new formula with the purple top as well.

Cons of Roxylean

  1. The jittery side effects. It may make you shake, due to the extremely amount of caffeine that it contains.

  2. It will make you feel hot, but this is just as a result of increased metabolism.

  3. Roxylean will make you sweat, another side effect of the increased metabolism.

  4. Roxylean provides no explanation as to how it works.

  5. Roxylean contains artificial coloring.

Roxylean Ingredients:

  • Caffeine
  • Citrus Limonum (whole plant) Lemon-not sure what this does for fat loss.
  • Adhatoda Vasica (leaf)-lowers blood pressure and helps with breathing.
  • Rauwolfia Serpentine-reduces blood pressure and alters mood
  • Pausinystalia Yohimbe (bark) is a fat reducer.
  • Salix Alba (root) takes away aches, pains and fevers basically aspirine.
  • Hydrastis Canadensis-may reduce swelling
  • Scutellaria Baicalensis (root) reduces inflammation.

Ingredients of OxyELITE Pro:

This is a list of the ingredients in the two different versions of OxyELITE. We’ll tell you which one is with the newer formula.

  • Bauhinia Purpurea L – shown to have oxidative effects which speeds up fat burning process.
  • Caffeine – causes you to burn more calories even while at a resting state.
  • Aegeline (new formula only) – this is a fat reducer.
  • Norcoclaurine HCl (new formula only) – increases fat loss.
  • Hemerocallis Fulva (flower) Heat Concentrated Extract-fat burner that works with the other ingredients for added efficiency.
  • Yohimbe Extract – this ingredient targets specific fatty areas such as the hips and love handles.
  • Bacopa Monniera (original formula only) – this has been shown to increase thyroid hormone production, aiding in weight loss.
  • Cirsuim Oligophyllum (original formula only) – is a perennial plant that safely reduces gains in body weight and attacks the bad fat.
  • 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl (original formula only) – a derivative of the geranium plant it is a long lasting mild stimulant that will increase your energy and alertness. Caffeine gives you a quick burst of energy and then you “crash” but the germanium makes it last with no “crash”

Looking over the ingredients you will notice the difference in the two. With Roxylean you will see only one ingredient that directly helps with fat burning. Take a look at the ingredients in OxyELITE Pro and you will see that every ingredient aids in the fat burning process.

In Summary

The honest truth is that it’s the high caffeine content that really hurts Roxylean ECA. Many people have reported to high of jitters, nervousness/anxiousness, and a horrific crash.

Roxylean may help you to lose weight but with some side effects that you will not want to deal with. Who wants to go through their day jittery? Not me, I want to lose weight and feel great!

OxyELITE Pro is a thermogenic fat burner. Thermogenic means that it heats up your body by speeding up your metabolism. This causes you to lose weight, it is that simple. OxyELITE Pro contains scientifically backed plant extracts that work. The benefits are many.

OxyELITE Pro will melt the fat away while attacking the right kind of fat in the right areas. You will be energized, focused, and in an excellent mood. Go with OxyELITE Pro, and you will see results fast and feel great while you are doing it.

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