OxyELITE Pro vs Oxy5001

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OxyELITE Pro: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Because, what we have here is a copycat, and a lousy one at that.

The Story: There will always be a lot of competition when it comes to who has the best weight loss product on the market. Everyone is trying to be the next big phenomenon in the health industry world. OxyElite Pro is an amazing product that many have grown to imitate. Oxy5001 is one of these products which does a very poor job at competing. But don’t just take our word for it!

Here is a break down of both of these products to help you decide for yourself.

OxyElite Summary

OxyElite Pro is marketed as a super thermogenic supplement. This means that the pill will help you burn fat. There are actually three versions of OxyELITE Pro:

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  1. First is the original formula, which we favor for people in the US. It is the basis of most of this site, and has received all of the incredible reviews.

  2. Then there’s the new version that is available in the US and international – it is DMAA free and has some other ingredients. For more on the difference in the old and new versions, see our comparison.

  3. And most recently, we have the new powdered drink mix formula, which is based off of the new formula above. It tastes great, and can be used as a pre workout / energy drink.

Another great thing about OxyElite is that it comes in a easy to swallow, in capsule form. This pill is known for helping men and woman get the body they desire. The bottle comes with about ninety capsules inside.

Take note that you must be over the age of eighteen to be able to take this product. Also, as most weight loss products go, you are strongly advised not to use this if you are pregnant or nursing. Keep in mind that it should not be taken longer than eight weeks, and you should avoid mixing with other types of medication. If in doubt, consult your doctor!

OxyElite Pros

  • The warnings for this product are clear, understandable, and right next to wherever the product is being sold
  • You may notice a significant increase in energy
  • Curb cravings with suppressed appetite
  • Appropriate fat cell receptors are targeted in the adipose tissue
  • Excellent information backed by scientific studies on their website

OxyElite Cons

  • If you have other medication that needs to be taken, this is not an option for you
  • No trial periods and no samples

Look at this Bottle.  Nothing but a pathetic clone!

Look at this Bottle. Nothing but a pathetic clone!

Oxy5001 Summary

Oxy5001 claims to be a game changer in the game of weight loss. The downfall is on their website there is not one list of ingredients. It takes a lot of searching to find anything that is even related to ingredients inside this product. It is always important to know what you are putting into your body. The product label on Oxy5001 is not one that will answer any serious questions and the ingredients are not the greatest.

So far the product has not gotten the best of the best in reviews. Mainly because nobody knows what is in the darn thing, as the company neither lists the ingredients nor provides scientific backup for its effectiveness. It does not offer much but unanswered questions. This product is only available through buyers on Amazon, although it does not seem to be in the process of being made anymore. It also has no money back guarantee.

Oxy5001 Pros

  • With intensive searching you can find a list of ingredients but not a lot of anything else
  • You can get it on Amazon, whereas only the new OEP is on Amazon. That’s okay, because you can get the original Oxy ELITE through us here

Oxy5001 Cons

  • From a completely unknown and untrusted company
  • Website does not list ingredients – can you say shady marketing tactics?!
  • Has many different stimulants inside
  • Known for causing hypertension and stomach issues
  • People who are dieting but may have other health conditions are not recommended to take this product
  • Ingredients Citrus aurantium and Advantra Z are linked to negative side effects


OxyElite Pro is a great product for people who are looking for a strong weight loss supplement that actually offers the body results with good ingredients. Oxy5001 may not even be in production anymore, for good reason and cheap imitation. The price is not worth the no money back guarantee and lack of results. As for OxyElite Pro, you will find nothing but much success.

Stick with the original. Stick with the trusted. OxyELITE Pro.

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