OxyELITE Pro vs. New Formula

What is OxyElite?

OxyElite Pro is a fat burning supplement. It is unique in that unlike other fat burners it turns off the receptors in your body that are responsible for storing fat. This fat burner is designed to help you loose weight by increasing your metabolism and decreasing your appetite, but has many other great side effects. It will give you energy and focus to make it through your busy days without the shakes and inability to sleep associated with some weight loss supplements.

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OxyElite Pro Benefits:

• A Great appetite suppressant • Amazing energy boost • Increase in your ability to focus • No caffeine induced crash • Thermogenic, designed to make you sweat away more pounds • Attacks fat by targeting fat cell receptors • Most people experience euphoria and happiness

How to take it?

You simply take one to two pills before breakfast and on an empty stomach. You can take and additional pill six to eight hours later, but never exceed three within twenty four hours. OxyElite Pro is a high potency fat burner so be sure to follow the instructions and start with one capsule until you know how they will affect you.

The New Formula

The new formula of OxyElite Pro is DMAA (1, 3 Dinethylamylamine HCI) free. DMAA is the main appetite suppressant in the original formula of OxyElite Pro. While it is maintained that DMAA is a safe and effective supplement when it is used properly, it has been banned in several different countries outside of the US.

To make up for the absence of DMAA there is and added thirty five mg of caffeine and aegeline and Noroclaurine HCl (known as higenamine) have been added to the new formula. It also contains many other great ingredients. One such ingredient is Hemerocallis Fulva. This is an extract from a flower commonly known as tiger daylily. This extract is heat concentrating to lock in necessary biochemical’s to help in your weight loss

Caffeine Difference:

OxyElite Pro: 100mg

New Formula:  135mg

So Which Formula is Better?

Both formulas of OxyElite Pro are great metabolism boosting fat burners. When choosing which fat burner is right for you there are a few things to consider. If DMAA is not banned in your country such as it is in the US, it is recommended by most that you try the original formula. DMAA is a leading factor in the weight loss abilities of OxyElite Pro. While the ingredients in the new formula are effective in weight loss and appetite suppressant, DMAA has had a greater number of success stories.

You also need to think about your sensitivity to caffeine. Some people have a greater tolerance to caffeine than others. While the thirty five extra mg may not affect some people others may react to this change. An overload of caffeine can cause the jitters most people avoid when taking weight loss supplements. Everyone’s caffeine tolerance is different so you can only try and see how much you can handle at a time. It is recommended to take a second pill later in the day rather than two at once if you have a low caffeine tolerance.

However if you a person who would like to try the latest products available you might try the new formula. The addition of aegeline and higenamine could be more beneficial to some people. Higenamine is a great fat targeting agent and is very safe and effective. It is also greatly improves focus. Higenamine may sound familiar because it is the fat burning agent found in Jack3d Micro. Aegeline is a natural alkaloid which is thermogenic in low doses. This means it will increase sweat production to help melt away fat.

So while both formulas of OxyElite Pro are incredibly safe and effective one or the other might be better for an individual. Either choice you make you can’t loose with this amazing weight loss supplement designed for significant results, so get yours today and see the pounds disappear with ease.

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