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Welcome to our Oxy Elite Pro vs. the World section!

We love some friendly competition, and here, we discuss some of the other thermogenics on the market. Some are awesome, and some are… not so much.

Of course, we love OxyELITE Pro, as have the tens of thousands of people who’ve successfully used it – but we’ll try to stay as unbiased as possible!

OxyELITE Pro vs Oxy5001

If you want the 6-word version of this article, here it is:

OxyELITE Pro: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Because, what we have here is a copycat, and a lousy one at that.

The Story: There will always be a lot of competition when it comes to who has the best weight loss product on the market. Everyone is trying to be the next big phenomenon in the health industry world. OxyElite Pro is an amazing product that many have grown to imitate. Oxy5001 is one of these products which does a very poor job at competing. But don’t just take … Continue Reading...

OxyELITE Pro vs. New Formula

What is OxyElite?

OxyElite Pro is a fat burning supplement. It is unique in that unlike other fat burners it turns off the receptors in your body that are responsible for storing fat. This fat burner is designed to help you loose weight by increasing your metabolism and decreasing your appetite, but has many other great side effects. It will give you energy and focus to make it through your busy days without the shakes and inability to sleep associated with some weight loss supplements.

OxyElite Pro Benefits:

• A Great appetite suppressant • Amazing energy boost • Increase in … Continue Reading...

The New OxyELITE Pro Formula Has the Purple Top

OxyELITE Pro vs. Super HD

The market is already saturated with similar sounding supplements that some are bound to compare one with the other. So far OxyELITE Pro has been reigning supreme as a power fat burner. With its latest ingredient profile very few supplements could match up to it. The latest contender may have a shot; Cellucor Super HD has been gaining popularity as a fat targeting and sculpting agent.

Two supplements go head to head, each with their own blend of ingredients and benefits.

Cellucor Super HD

Over all, it’s a powerful product. It has great ingredients for boosting focus and with a … Continue Reading...

OxyELITE Pro vs. Roxylean

Need to lose weight? I am sure you have heard of many different ways to lose that unwanted fat, especially around the middle. Those pesky love handles just will not go away. The market is FULL of fat burners and weight loss supplements, but here we’re going to compare OxyELITE Pro and Roxylean.

The pros of OxyELITE Pro

OxyELITE Pro is great for suppressing your appetite. As a matter of fact it works so well you may have to force yourself to eat in order to get all the protein your body needs. It also works well at helping control… Continue Reading...
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OxyELITE Pro vs. Lipo-6

When you’re in the market for a new fat burner, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with choices. Nutrex’s Lipo 6 has had a very popular following in the past, and continues to sell well. We’ve all wondered, does that stuff still top the market? Or has time (and technology) moved on?

On the flip side, USP Labs has been busy in the workshop, creating and seemingly perfecting a new generation of advanced fat burners. OxyElite Pro is the number one rated thermogenic fat burner in the country, and for good reason! Why is it so popular? Read on and we’ll … Continue Reading...

OxyELITE Pro vs. Animal Cuts

Supplements As Partners in Fat Burning Goals:

If you are looking for fat burning supplements, the benefits and advantages outweigh the naysayers. Diet and hard work does work until plateau time – then the addition of fat supplements, especially while working out, helps users to the next level. Fat burning supplements also contain ingredients that provide an appetite suppressant.

There’s tons of choices, and they all have the same goals – increased energy, increased fat burning via heat, more motivation, etc.

So today, we take a look at two of the market’s top contenders: USPLabs’ OxyELITE Pro vs Universal Nutrition’s … Continue Reading...

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