Can VERSA-1 Be Used for Dieting?

Versa-1 may just be the most versatile product to hit the supplement market today. USP Labs created their best Beta-test to date, selecting Bodybuilders, Power lifters, runners and athletes from all walks of life and ages to test the range of this product; they also opened this test to others such as Anabolic Minds and SupplementReviews for complete and honest feedback with no hype. The truth is – from the first doses the testers haven’t stopped raving about the success of this new product.

So, can Versa-1 be used for dieting? My friend Andrew McInroy, aka Dexterium from USP Labs, also an underground nutrition/supplement guru, tested this product while preparing for a power lifting meet where he intends to set his country’s dead lift record for this weight class; so he needed to keep his weight where it was at. This is what Andrew had to say in his final review:

“I had the opportunity to test USPlabs Versa-1 which was code named ‘Patented Anabolic’. My goal was to maintain strength (not go for big personal records) and decrease overall body fat percentage and decrease body weight in order to stay in my weight class for my power lifting competition in April. Method: My diet was perfect, I lifted weights and on my non-workout days I consumed as close to zero carbs as possible while doing 1 – 2 hours of cardio per day. Results: Body weight quickly jumped 4 lbs, putting me out of my class. After 4 weeks of this protocol, my weight has dipped down to 164 lbs, more than what I started. I am visibly leaner, my strength was maintained but despite extreme measures to decrease body fat, my overall body weight increased by one pound from the beginning. Conclusion: There was an overall gain in muscle mass and decrease in body fat percentage on a caloric deficient diet and therefore Versa-1 is a very anabolic supplement which is great for anyone looking to add muscle mass quickly.”

Analyzing these results

Andrew had his diet perfect – I cannot stress that enough – his knowledge is unparalleled in this field, with expertise  in dieting/nutrition and supplementation. Versa-1 being a natural anabolic would be best suited for those looking to gain size, strength and lean body mass; however those who are running a caloric deficit like he did will experience significant results: “I am now trying to maintain my current weight of just under 165 and I’m happy with this. I continue to get leaner, stronger, and gain more muscle. I did a shoulder workout yesterday and my strength was incredible. My shoulders were the most striated that they had ever been. I would say that PA / Versa-1 is the best natural supplement for gaining strength, muscle, and weight”.

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Answering the question on dieting is difficult – if ones goals are so shred unwanted body fat, lean out while at the same time adding size, strength and the other properties of a natural anabolic (increased recovery, pumps, vascularity ect) then this product would be a must have for any serious athlete. For others who are looking to drop weight for whatever reason, you may have and have no interest in the above (which are a very few select few individuals), and this product will not deliver the type of results we have come to love from OxyELITE Pro (Original and new formula) as well as Recreate. There were a few beta testers who ran this product with OxyElite Pro and had great results.

Versa-1 Can be used for dieting! A Success Story

30-day run of Versa-1

Another online friend who I have come to know ran this product while on a cut from a recent bulk. She was able to cut 5.5lbs during her 30 day run of Versa-1. She ran this product standalone. Not only was she able to cut weight, but she increased her strength setting several personal records and having intense gym sessions. Another aspect is that not only is this product the first of its kind in this industry, natural anabolic but a muscle mind connection, Classic says “ You feel alert, have a great neuromuscular connection, and improved mental endurance which translates to progress in the gym and in the mirror”

Update: Getting into the Ingredients

Now that we know the science, the answer is an absolute yes, this will lean you out. The reason is because one of the ingredients is aegeline, which is actually an ingredient in the New OxyELITE Pro Formula! At lower dosages, like in the new OxyELITE Pro, it’s thermogenic. In the higher dosages that are in Versa1, it’s anabolic.

So the good news is that it will help lean you out. The bad news is that all beta testers were very hungry, and if you’re leaning out, you’ll definitely need to weigh your food and track your calories very well so you don’t go on binges. The binges might not be such a horrible thing if they’re in protein though.

There’s a ton of great science behind this aegeline ingredient for fat-burn. The best place to read it is on the Versa-1 Ingredients analysis. It’s intense, so look out! You can also check for the best prices on Versa-1 as well.


Versa-1 really is the most versatile product to hit this industry. It can and has been used for dieting, standalone and with other products (theromogenics like OxyElitePro); however Versa-1 would thrive on a clean bulk diet.

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