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Versa-1 is the most VERSAtile supplement up on the market today. Launched on January 8th, 2013 – USPlabs had purchased unlimited bandwidth in preparation for the event, but the site was STILL so overloaded with traffic that it shut down for hours. Needless to say, the launch was a success, beta testers have been raving and the word is being spread far and wite – USPlabs has another game-changing supplement that CAN be stacked with any other product they produce. They highly encourage Versa-1 to be stacked with a stimulant such as OxyElite-Pro (original or new formula) or Jack3d/Jack3d Micro.

Versa-1: What is it?

I was one of the first individuals who, as part of the “Alpha testing” group, received an unmarked, white bottle of the new product with serving directions. At the time, I had ZERO idea on the ingredient profile or what to expect from it. This is a very unique product with a completely new profile. It is a product that you can FEEL working within your body.

Reading through countless other logs on the USPlabs forums written by my fellow testers, on Anabolicminds, and on supplementreviews.com – I’ve seen that EVERY single beta tester experienced results and responded to this product. Some of them responded right away to the first dose, while some said it didn’t completely kick in until week three.

Two sample groups were used – one ran this product completely standalone and the other group combined it with a pre-workout supplement of choice (most chose Jack3d or Jack3d micro and a handful used OxyElite-Pro). Some of the countless effects felt and seen by this product include a thermogetic effect (which was high, increased with the use of OxyElite-Pro) and an anabolic effect (more to come below).

Ingredient Profile

I have very high expectations from USPLabs after using their products throughout the years. I know that I can expect performance and quality from their extraction methods when preparing/harvesting new herbs. They continue to impress.

The “Powerhouse Compound” that powers Versa-1 is N-[2-hydroxy-2(4-methoxyphenyl)ethyl]-3-phenyl-2-propenamide, also known as aegeline. USPLabs has filed a patent for this with the US Patent Office because it is so innovative and shows such astounding results. According to model data from animals, this compound shows that Versa-1 may interact with a receptor called TAAR (Trace Amine Associated Receptor) which promotes the vigilance, mental alertness, and improved cognition. This compound also boasts anabolic properties and interacts with beta-3 receptors which may allow decrease in fat mass. These effects are amplified when stacked with a stimulant, adding OxyElite-Pro to mix targets and attacks fat.

Another powerful ingredient they added to Versa-1 is Cytidine 5’-diphoscholine, also known as citicoline. This ingredient helps supports healthy acetylcholine levels- a neurotransmitter responsible for allowing muscles to contract. This increases ability to get stronger muscle contraction, which leads to more strength and force during your workouts.

Who should take Versa-1

Any serious weight lifter (Body building, Power Lifting) MMA fighter, endurance athlete or anyone seeking to reach a specific goal should consider adding this supplement to their arsenal! This product truly is extremely versatile.

I ran this product on a bulk and over the course of 60 days gained 14 pounds of mass – an awesome feat. Others ran this product during a cut (caloric deficit) and were able to lose weight (body fat) while maintaining and adding lean muscle. A few athletes testing this product were in MMA type sports – karate, cycling, marathon runners, etc. This product helped each one of those individuals achieve their goals. I can honestly say Versa-1 should aid anyone looking to improve their active life style.

A lot of Versa-1 testers felt an immediate effect when hitting the gym.

What the Testers Experienced

When I was testing Versa-1, I stacked it with Jack3d as I stepped into the gym. From the first dose I experienced a slight yet significant themogentic effect- I sweated much more quickly into my workout. I also felt “the almighty pump” experience much quicker – that pump also felt different- I felt massive, “swole.”

Product educator NewBreed from USPlabs stacked his Versa-1 with OxyElite-Pro and loved the clean energy, pump and strength increase from the combination. He also met with success in his overall goal of fat loss, which he experienced coupled with his diet and this stack. Check out the Alpha Testing log for more details on testers experiences.

Myself along with the rest of the testers immediately felt the “Muscle|Mind” connection. I felt my muscles work with my mind- comparable to the feeling of taking PowerFull PWO but much more intense. The anabolic properties were significant. Most of the testers gained anywhere from 4-14lbs of learn mass- many took before and after pictures – proof to the pudding. I highly recommend taking Versa-1 OxyElite-Pro (original or the new formula)- it amplifies the effects and both products seem to feed off one another and have a synergistic effect.

Where to Buy Versa-1

When Versa-1 is released to the world, we will post price comparisons from PricePlow.com so that you can save money on it. It is in the process of being released now.

Can VERSA-1 Be Used for Dieting?

Versa-1 may just be the most versatile product to hit the supplement market today. USP Labs created their best Beta-test to date, selecting Bodybuilders, Power lifters, runners and athletes from all walks of life and ages to test the range of this product; they also opened this test to others such as Anabolic Minds and SupplementReviews for complete and honest feedback with no hype. The truth is – from the first doses the testers haven’t stopped raving about the success of this new product.

So, can Versa-1 be used for dieting? My friend Andrew McInroy, aka Dexterium from USP Labs, … Continue Reading...

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