Compound 20

We’re enormous fans of Compound 20, and it’s the top stacking agent in the OxyELITE Pro Stack for weight loss. While not the cheapest product out there, I honestly believe it’s one of the most underrated.

It’s also a bit complicated — so this Compound 20 Review, is LOADED with info – ranging from pictures to videos to research studies on the ingredients in plain English. Check it out – it’s by far the most informative source on this sweet new supp!

What is Compound 20?


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USP Labs Compound 20 is one of the best hardening and leaning supplements out on the market right now. It is created from ingredients that are sourced naturally. When you use Compound 20, you can expect a total transformation in body composition, strength, and definition.


You don’t need a ton of ingredients to get the results and lean muscle gain that you want. That is why C20 contains only three ingredients that are powerful enough to get the job done. USPLabs went out of its way to make Compound 20 into the supplement you want for harder muscles, bigger mass gains, and faster fat loss. It’s almost impossible to find a supplement that is able to successfully provide all three of these benefits. You need to add C20 to your stack right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a hobbyist; Compound 20 is what you need.


A lot of the questions about Compound 20 sound a little wishy-washy when it comes to analyzing the ingredients that are very new on the scene. Don’t let this lack of feedback confuse you; C20 is all it’s cracked up to be and more. Anyone who tested the product has reported huge gains and tons of burned fat. In fact, they’ve said that C20 melts the fat right off of them. Testers who weren’t even on a proper diet saw significant fat loss. USP Labs was able to create a supplement that doesn’t rely on diet. You can burn some kind of fat regardless of what you eat! Compound 20 doesn’t rely on stimulants or any other chemical that burns fat. It’s all natural and it works.

Compound 20 Reviews


First, let’s just cut to the chase and skip right to the good stuff.


The Kameron Ross video below is pretty much the best review for Compound 20 around. It speaks for itself. Take the few minutes and watch it right now. Once you get finished you will realize that C20 is the best supplement for staying lean, building muscle, and burning fat.

Did you see his deadlift at the 2:00 mark?!

“Oxy Elite Pro is by far the best Thermal product out there. It cranks up your metabolism very well. In fact, I can’t take two at a time.

But when I stacked it with Compound 20? LOOK OUT. I was dropping fat like a maniac – I actually had to increase my calories and protein during this run!

Note that I was weightlifting 4x/week and doing HIIT cardio 1x/week.

They will energize you and give you the desire to continue when you otherwise may want to quit. I have never had any side effects other than the feeling of speeding a bit from what I remember of the old days. It does not do that to my wife. Different people will react differently but it is a quality product.” — Jeremy Kinder, Connecticut

Compound 20 Benefits


In addition to mass fat loss, the strength and lean muscle mass gains you will see are extraordinary. The beta testers who were in a maintenance bulk were actually losing fat and gaining mass. As a matter of fact, C20 worked best on those who were in bulking and weight gaining cycles. No matter how much they ate and drank, they were continuing to burn off fat nonstop. The strength gains were impressive as well. Compound 20 is all natural and stimulant free, but people were seeing strength gains that were similar to those that were taking a hormonal supplement. That’s awesome!

Just to be clear, though, C20 isn’t a magic potion that’ll have you losing weight while you stuff yourself with fast food on the couch. Do yourself a favor, check out some strength moves, get yourself a good bunch of recipes made from real, unprocessed foods, and you’ll be ready for the amazing boosts and benefits C20 can bring.

Another huge plus is the impressive endurance and energy increases that you will be experiencing from this stimulant free supplement. The type of energy experienced is best described as explosive. Your training level will be higher than you have ever been. C20 makes it possible to seamlessly switch from a stimulant cycle to a non-stimulant without any withdrawals whatsoever.

Compound 20 and OxyELITE Pro – Fat Burning Match Made in Heaven!


Now to truly get all the fat burning satisfaction that USP Labs can offer, you’re going to want to stack Compound 20 with OxyELITE Pro. OxyELITE Pro is the safest and most potent fat burner on the market right now. It is thermogenic, which means it causes you to heat up and burn more energy. This process ends up increasing your metabolism and helps you burn even more fat. Just list Compound 20, Oxy Elite includes all natural ingredients. Stack these two together and you can expect fat to melt away, especially in the problem areas.


It is also worth taking some time to watch Kameron Ross’s video review on Compound 20. As a lifetime raw power lifter and drug free bodybuilder, he knows what he’s doing. The video includes a great description of Compound 20’s benefits. There are also before and after pictures that show his results. You can also expect some entertainment as you watch Kameron dead lift 600 pounds twice in a row.

Benefits of Compound 20


Compound 20 by USP Labs is all natural and completely safe. Some of the added benefits include:

  • Drug free fat loss that doesn’t stop
  • A non hormonal supplement
  • The nutrient repartitioning properties of the supplement don’t affect insulin levels
  • Stackable with OxyELITE Pro for a high intense, fat burning workout
  • Endurance to break personal records more often

Compound 20 Ingredients

USPLabs Compound 20 is simple. It has three ingredients, and that’s it!

N-Coumaroyldopamine is the first ingredient in C20. It uses beta 2-adrenoceptors to functionally increase cAMP levels. USPLabs were officially the first to extract this compound from cocoa successfully and safely place it within their supplement. After people started consuming the supplement for a while, they realized how potent the beta-2 agonists actually were. You will be getting a prescription strength effect in a much safer way. This ingredient also activates much more mTOR within the body. mTOR is a certain type of protein kinase that is responsible for growth, protein synthesis, and hypertrophy regulation. If you’re interested in the science behind this stuff, look into the effects of mTOR on regulating glucose in the body.

N-Caffeoyldopamine is the second ingredient in Compound 20. It basically has all the same effects as the first ingredient. N-Coumaroyldopamine is hard to come by, so N-caffeoyldopamine is used in order to bring ingredient levels to where they need to be.

The third ingredient is the Symplocos Racemosa Extract. As the first ingredient listed, you know there is a much higher amount than the other two ingredients within the supplement. This ingredient is responsible for the nutrient partitioning properties of Compound 20. You will need to take this with lots of carbs and lots of water. (Confused about what carbs you should eat? Read Not All Carbs are Created Equal and learn which ones to stock up on and which to avoid). Symplocos Racemosa stops cAMP from degrading. This has an elongation effect. Additionally, it is standardized for triterpenoids which help shuttle the carbs into your muscles and NOT into your fat!

Where to Buy Compound 20

When you are ready to purchase Compound 20, OxyELITE Pro, or any of the other USPLabs products, it is best to buy them online. You can usually find these products for 40% off retail prices when you buy online. Additionally, you can usually find deals that exclude sales tax and shipping charges. Just use the price comparison widget on this page to find the cheapest price anywhere.

More on Stacking Compound 20

The best part about USP Labs Compound 20 is that is stacked so easily. Its stimulant free ingredients make it the best choice to stack with OxyELITE Pro. When you get these two supplements together, you can finally get the training experience that you have wanted for so long. The fat will literally disappear. No joke. You will be ripped and have the endurance to gain strength and muscle as well. You will keep moving forward and making new records because your focus and energy will be through the roof. And, on top of it all, your sex drive will skyrocket!

Check out the Compound 20 Stack for more information and easy-to-buy kits to drive fat-loss to the next level!

OxyELITE Pro is Different!

OxyELITE Pro is comprised of 100mg of caffeine per capsule. Additional ingredients include Bauhinia Purpurea L. (Leaf And Pod) Extract, Bacopa (Leaf) (Bacopa Monnieri) Extract, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCL, Cirsium Oligophyllum (Plant) Extract, Yohimbe (Pausinystalia Johimbe) Bark Extract (Contains Rauwolscine HCL). This fantastic mix of ingredients has a ton of benefits including higher metabolism, thyroid enhancement, mood enhancement, and suppressed appetite. And, of course, when you take OxyElite Pro, you can expect some intense fat burning.

Compound 20 and OxyElite Pro Side Effects

There are very little side effects associated with Compound 20 because it is all natural and contains only 3 ingredients. The side effects that are experienced are actually liked by users. You can expect to be hungry and thirsty most of the time, which is good if you’re trying to bulk up. This is a natural reaction to increased muscle growth. Your body will need more fuel to keep up with the growth that you will be experiencing.

OxyELITE Pro produces no side effects in the majority of its users. The ingredients and extracts are completely safe and have shown absolutely no side effects during clinical studies. Anyone who experiences any type of side effect is usually not using the product properly.

The side effect that people love most about this stack, besides fat loss, is increased sex drive. Most men will experience a substantial libido increase. Get ready for the biggest sex drive increase of your life.

Older Compound 20 Information (from before official release)

USP Labs has announced that they will be releasing a new product called Compound 20 and are currently in the beta testing phase for it!

October 2011 Update: The beta testers have been on Compound 20 for a while now, and they are ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT! However, it seems to be a product geared towards incredible LEAN pumps and muscle growth when weightlifting, but with absolutely no side effects.

Users are definitely dropping body fat like crazy on Compound 20, so it’s worth checking out for users on this site since OxyELITE Pro is a fat burner – but the guys are gaining lean muscle mass WHILE moving their belts down!! It goes to show that building muscle helps burn fat anyway (which we already knew).

Thanks to the beta testers, USPLabs learned that dosing 30-60 minutes pre workout is key to using C-20.

The inner circle release is coming very soon, so use the link below to join and get the first exclusive offer before C20 is available in the stores!

When USPLabs produces a new product, they always put it through beta testing before releasing it to the public. This means that the product is already past their internal trials, but they are looking to get some final feedback and some initial reviews kicked off, as well as some hype for the product… and for you this means you can get a FREE sneak peak at an amazing new supplement to help you reach your goals quicker!

What is USP Labs Compound 20?

The interesting thing is that we have absolutely no clue what is in Compound 20 or what it will do (this site is not run by USP or officially affiliated with them in any sense). However, we recommend all fans of USPLabs products to apply for the beta program and state what their goals are. If your goals align with this product, you may be chosen – getting you a *full* dosage for a free sneak-peak!

We’re not sure if the product will be suited towards cutting / fat burning (as that’s why you’re probably here since this is an OxyELITE Pro site), but it’s worht a shot to ask! We have beta tested products from USPLabs before and it’s incredibly fun and motivating.

There are some rules when beta testing the product:

  • Only USPLabs customers can beta test it
  • Beta testers MUST run a daily log (or close to daily) at the Compound 20 forum – discussing your workouts, what you ate, and where you are so far with the product (ie gains / losses / side effects / any feelings). This is VERY important!
  • Complete honesty is required. Trust us, if you don’t like it, USPLabs can take it!

How do I apply for the Compound 20 USP Labs Beta Program?

Update – We are sorry to say that the beta testing program is over, so we’ll have to remove the text below soon. You should definitely join the Inner Circle to get involved in the next one though, and stay active in the USP Forums!!!

In the meantime, Click Here to Buy C20 Now!

  1. Go to this thread and register if you don’t already have an account.
  2. Make a new post in the thread stating the following:
    1. Your Goals
    2. Training Style
    3. Nutrition / Diet
    4. Can you run a training log with at least 5 posts per week?
    5. Can you start Compound 20 immediately?
    6. Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube?
    7. Are you on any prescription medication?
  3. And start getting active in the forums and await further instruction.
  4. Next, join the USPLabs Inner Circle here so that you’ll get the first offering of Compound 20 when it does come out (the IC releases are ALWAYS incredible deals!!!)

Good luck to everyone. Again, you’re here because this is the OxyELITE Pro fat burner site, and we’re not sure if this is a good product for cutting… but USPLabs hits home runs with nearly every product, so we expect this one to be no different!

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