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The USPLabs Product Line is growing, and we can hardly keep up! Since releasing OxyELITE Pro over three years ago, USPLabs has come out with nearly a dozen other incredible, natural products, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up!

Our OxyELITE Pro Stack page is the most important one here – it shows you how to successfully put these products together to gear towards weight loss without muscle loss.

Since this is a diet / weight loss site, the most interesting of the other USPLabs products are Modern BCAA, Compound 20, Recreate, and Versa-1. Men can look into TEST Powder for a muscle-building, testosterone boost as well!

Read the articles below which are about the other USP products not named OxyELITE Pro!

EpiBURN Pro – The OxyELITE Pro Replacement

Take a look at what website you’re on. OxyELITE-Pro.com – the #1 independent informational website and fan club for OxyELITE Pro, USPLabs’ top-selling thermogenic fat burner from 2010-2012.

So as you can imagine, it is a bittersweet moment to hear about OxyELITE Pro’s replacement, EpiBURN Pro, which was announced by USPLabs in mid July 2014. Even though OxyELITE Pro is still available through this site (but in very limited availability), it’s time to move toward the future.

What’s in EpiBURN Pro? Peaking at the Ingredient label

As we write this in June, there is currently no official ingredient label released.… Continue Reading...


The Sad Loss of $8 MILLION of OxyELITE Pro and Jack3d

A few months ago, we were sad to tell you that USPLabs was done manufacturing their original OxyELITE Pro and Jack3d supplements. What we didn’t know* is that they still had a good amount to be sold off from earlier production runs.

That stockpile they had is no more: We are sad to report that USPLabs voluntarily destroyed $8 Million Dollars worth of remaining OEP and Jack3d.[1] This is because of mounting pressure from the FDA surrounding the ingredient DMAA, shown as 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl on the OxyELITE label.

* As a reminder, this site is not run by USPLabs, … Continue Reading...

Oxy Elite Protein

OxyELITE Protein – The New Protein Powder that Burns Fat!

USPLabs has announced an incredible new product that we’re extremely excited about – OxyELITE Protein – A great name to match the great OxyELITE Pro fat burner that we all know and love here.

How can a protein powder burn fat?

Two major ways:

Use it to replace calories from other fat-storing sources – especially at the right time of the day, such as in the evening. By including ingredients that have been shown to do any of the following: Supress Appetite Increase lipolysis (fat-burning) Increase thermogenesis (energy expenditure to heat) Lower bad cholesterol levels

…all while not including dangerous … Continue Reading...

OxyELITE Pro vs. Jack3d

With USPlabs constantly innovating and expanding their product line you might find yourself browsing online, looking at Jack3d, Jack3d Micro, OxyELITE (original or the new formula) and thinking, like many people I have assisted on forums, which product should I take? Can they be stacked? And which is best for my goals?

Before we dive into these questions I want to make it perfectly clear that Jack3d/OxyELITE Pro cannot be stacked together or combined with any other stimulants, such as but not limited to, coffee, tea, soda’s or any other stimulant based pre-workout/fat burner. All that being said, a pump … Continue Reading...

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Can VERSA-1 Be Used for Dieting?

Versa-1 may just be the most versatile product to hit the supplement market today. USP Labs created their best Beta-test to date, selecting Bodybuilders, Power lifters, runners and athletes from all walks of life and ages to test the range of this product; they also opened this test to others such as Anabolic Minds and SupplementReviews for complete and honest feedback with no hype. The truth is – from the first doses the testers haven’t stopped raving about the success of this new product.

So, can Versa-1 be used for dieting? My friend Andrew McInroy, aka Dexterium from USP Labs, … Continue Reading...

TESTPowder – USPLabs Testosterone Booster

Update – Too late everyone, the beta testers are chosen, locked, and loaded. But this new product is going to be called TESTpowder, so I’m thinking it’s a powdered testosterone booster. That could be good news for those of you in Australia who can’t get your hands on the capsule-based stuff! Follow the beta testing using the forum link below, and join the Inner Circle to get a steal of a deal when it’s ready!

Hey everyone, we come to you today with some great news. A new supplement is coming from USP Labs, who of course manufacturers the top … Continue Reading...

OxyELITE Pro Powder – Now Available in the US!

Great news! USPLabs has released OEP Powder to the US. This is a fat-burning powder mix, which makes it like an energy drink, but far, far better for your health.

This delicious drink mix is based off of the newer OxyELITE formula, but has some great add-ons. Did we mention it tastes incredible?!

Originally, this product was only offered in Australia. Now it’s available everywhere, and we have a good video review for you below.

As anyone can see from the hordes of awesome discussion and reviews at our OxyELITE Pro Reviews page, OEP is basically an UNSTOPPABLE thermogenic fat … Continue Reading...

Compound 20

We’re enormous fans of Compound 20, and it’s the top stacking agent in the OxyELITE Pro Stack for weight loss. While not the cheapest product out there, I honestly believe it’s one of the most underrated.

It’s also a bit complicated — so this Compound 20 Review, is LOADED with info – ranging from pictures to videos to research studies on the ingredients in plain English. Check it out – it’s by far the most informative source on this sweet new supp!

What is Compound 20?


USP Labs Compound 20 is one of the best hardening and leaning supplements … Continue Reading...

The OxyELITE Pro Stack

Get the Most out of OxyELITE Pro When Dieting

This is a guide that provides recommendations on how to mix OxyELITE Pro with other foods, supplements, and timing strategies to have the best cut possible while on OEP.

Food Comes First

First, we are obliged to tell you that food comes first. If you are not eating right, then ANY supplementation plan we give you is destined for failure. OxyELITE Pro is a supplement, not a pill that allows you to be lazy. We assume that you have your diet down and are actively monitoring it. If you don’t know … Continue Reading...

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..or see price comparisons & save 40% off retail!

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