My Schedule Changes a Lot… How do I Take OxyELITE Pro?

Question: I just started the pills and I work partime nights will it matter if some days I have to change the time … Some days I can take it in the mornings ..But others will have to be in the afternoon…. or do you have to keep the same time close everyday ???
(Asked by Sherry)

Best Answer:

This is a question that gets asked often, and there’s not going to be any exact science to it.

The biggest thing to remember is that you have two occasions every day to take OxyELITE Pro. Possibly three, if you take one cap spaced out, but that’s not advised on the label. So here’s what you need to consider:

Max 3 Capsules Per 24 Hour Period

It’s okay to shift around your timing, but you need to make sure that you’re not getting over 3 capsules in during any 24-hour period. For instance, if you have a late-night shift followed by an early-morning shift, you can’t “swing” a 2-capsule dosage before each work shift – that’d give you 4 caps in like 20 hours, which is NOT ever recommended.

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So take this rule into consideration first and foremost.

Finding The Best Timings

So you need to find the best timing before each of your two dosages.

The best times to take OxyELITE Pro:

  • First thing upon wake-up. Normally the label says “first thing in the morning”, but your morning might not necessarily be in the AM… so we’ll just say “wake-up”. Point is, don’t take it anywhere before trying to sleep. I personally won’t sleep within 6 hours of taking an OEP cap.

  • Pre Workout, if you aren’t working out just before bed. This works incredibly well as a pre workout supplement.

    If you do a morning workout, then the above bullet point already has you covered. In that case, the next best time is…

  • ~7-8 hours after the first dosage. Again, don’t do this if you have sleep coming up. If you’re sleep schedule needs to be arranged, it’s okay to skip a dosage – it’ll just make your bottle last longer – I’d err on the side of too little rather than too much.

Remember these Rules!

So, you’ll need to mess around if your schedule changes, but just remember the major rules:

  1. Max of 3 capsules per any “rolling” 24 hour period

  2. Don’t take it too close to bed. For me, “too close” means 6 hours. For you… guess that it’s 8 hours at first, but we’re all different in our tolerance and sensitivity.

  3. Always better to take too little than too much. You can make your bottle last, and not ruin your sleep by trying to cram one last cap in at 5pm or something. Just eat smart, you’ll be fine on your own – Tomorrow’s another day to take OEP!

Hope that helps.

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