OxyELITE Pro New vs Old Formula – Which Should I Take?

Question: Hi, I’m in the US and I can get either OxyELITE Pro formula. Which one should I buy?
(Asked by Patty)

Best Answer:

The New OxyELITE Pro Formula Has the Purple Top

The New OxyELITE Pro Formula Has the Purple Top

This is a fantastic question, and it will really depend on your personal preferences.

First, some links: New vs. Original.

We are going to give some opinions here, so it’s important to note that this site is NOT run by USPLabs. We are an independent 3rd party community, and we are not paid by USPLabs, representatives for them, or affiliated with them in any official capacity.

That said, what we believe may differ from that of other USPLabs Reps.

Stick With What Works

Let me just say this right off the bat for those of you looking for a quick and lazy answer: If you can get your hands on both bottles, then our opinion is to go for the original.

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This entire site, and nearly all of its reviews and before-and-after results are due to the original Oxy ELITE.

The main reason that a new formula was hatched is because some countries outside of the US banned it and a few new “technologies” came out that were extremely suitable replacements. USPlabs didn’t want to lose all of you awesome international customers, and the new ingredients were nearly nowhere else, so it was a great opportunity to make a new formula.

But at the end of the day, the original formula is still what we know has worked for years, and we hope it to keep working in the US for more years to come.

Now, let’s get a bit more detailed for your personal preferences.

Do You Like DMAA?

If you have tried products such as Jack3d, and you know that you like DMAA (1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl), then this is an obvious vote in favor of the original formula.

Similarly, if you know that you don’t like DMAA, or just don’t want to try it, then go with the new formula. This is really the main driver.

Next… What’s Your Caffeine Situation

Another thing to note is the fact that the original has 100mg of caffeine per capsule, while the new formula has 130mg. If you’re extremely stimulant-tolerant, and are what you could call “a caffeine aficionado”, you might want to consider the new formula.

But if you don’t think 2 capsules @ 100mg each (from the original formula) plus the other great ingredients aren’t enough for you, then you should seriously look at a LONG stim-break. Because the original formula is not “caffeine-weak” by any means!

Do You Like the Latest and Greatest Stuff

Norcoclaurine HCl - New Thermogenic Fat Burner in OxyELITE Pro!

Higenamine (Norcoclaurine HCl) has been proven to be very safe AND effective

Some of us are what we call “innovators” or “early adopters”. The kinds of people that like to try brand new stuff, get the latest gadget, test things out before the middle-agers get to it years later.

If you’re like that, then you might want to give the new formula a try. USPLabs unearthed two awesome new compounds for hte new formula, and they’re clearly working. They are norcoclaurine HCl (also known as higenamine) and aegeline.

But both have the same great thyroid-enhancing mechanisms, and people are loving both, so you really can’t lose.

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