OxyELITE Pro Powder – Now Available in the US!

Great news! USPLabs has released OEP Powder to the US. This is a fat-burning powder mix, which makes it like an energy drink, but far, far better for your health.

This delicious drink mix is based off of the newer OxyELITE formula, but has some great add-ons. Did we mention it tastes incredible?!

Originally, this product was only offered in Australia. Now it’s available everywhere, and we have a good video review for you below.

As anyone can see from the hordes of awesome discussion and reviews at our OxyELITE Pro Reviews page, OEP is basically an UNSTOPPABLE thermogenic fat burner that blows away all of the mainstream competition with ease. Its unique formulation of ingredients nearly guarantees success – we’ve even seen success for people who didn’t exercise or diet properly, although we actually hate seeing that for the obvious reasons.

The 2013 Update: OxyELITE Pro Powder is in US!

In March 2013, it was announced that USPLabs would be bringing the newest version of their fat burning powder drink formula to the US – not just Australia. It will be available in fruit punch, blue raspberry, raspberry lemon, and green apple flavors.

It’s not out yet, so if you want to get your hands on it, the team has a nice price comparison widget to the left you can check out.

This is a completely different product in some aspects, though. Let’s talk ingredients:

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  1. Norcoclaurine, which is in the New OxyELITE Pro formula, but not in the original Australian thermogenic powder, is here. We are huge fans of this – it definitely makes us feel much more heated, whether it’s from taking the new OEP formula or Jack3d Micro, which both have it.

  2. Aegeline, which functions as an appetite suppressant and lean muscle builder, is now in here. This ingredient is in lower doses in the new OEP formula, and in higher doses in the wildly successful new Versa-1 anabolic supplement.

  3. Caffeine is of course still here, but with 10mg less than the original formula, giving it 125mg per serving. This is a perfect amount.

  4. Hemerocallis fulva and bauhinia purpurea are removed. Since OxyELITE Pro has always been a proprietary formula, we’re not always sure what’s really doing the work for us. However, these two did have some decent research behind them, and we hope this doesn’t negatively affect the product.

    The good news is that the top two ingredients in this more than make up for them. Research shows that they’re simply better.

  5. Choline Bitartrate is now in the mix. Choline is absolutely awesome for mental focus and a sharper cognitive edge. It boosts the activity of neurotransmitters… which then boosts nearly everything else.

    Choline is naturally found in high doses in egg yolks, so if you’re not eating whole eggs, you’re going to love this and feel the focus in a great way.

  6. Carnitine Tartrate, also known as LCLT (for L-Carnitine L-Tartrate), is added. Pages and pages could be written about the carnitine family and how well these supplements work.

    LCLT, specifically, assists with metabolism, energy expenditure, and hormone receptor activity. It’s a perfect “stacker” – in USPLabs’ TEST Powder (natural testosterone booster powder), it helps with the receptors to maximize the hormonal boost. Here, it will do the same – but instead, maximize OEP’s thyroid hormonal boost.

    Great addition here. LCLT is never in fat burners – normally it’s the standard L-Carnitine, which just isn’t as targeted or as effective.

  7. Eriobotrya Japonica, also known as loquat. This here is a new one!

    Typically, it can be extracted for quercetin, which we believe is the case here. In short, quercetin is a wonder supplement. It does everything from increase endurance to help burn fat and increase energy metabolism to performing as an antioxidant.

    We’ll take it for the energy metabolism nature, but in general, this is some wonderful stuff.

  8. Oleoylethanolamine – This is a straight-up alpha agonizing, lipid mediator.

    What? In short, it works as an appetite suppressant (second study here).

  9. Yohimbe (Pausinystalia Johimbe) (Bark) Extract (AlphaShred) – Yohimbe, sometimes specifically extracted for the compound yohimbine, work to target the “bad” fatty areas – lovehandles and hips, for instance. It works by assisting your body in “stopping” processes that prevent fat burning.

    Remember, your body is programmed to save fat for an emergency. Yohimbe helps your body “mobilize” it by giving you a small adrenaline kick, giving you better workouts that burn fat more effectively.

    This is great stuff, but what’s even better is that nobody has experienced any nasty yohimbe side effects since USPLabs switched to using the higher-quality, better-extracted AlphaShred. We still don’t know tons about AlphaShred… except for the fact that it has been behaving much better for all users.

The formula looks incredible – a great mix between fat burning, energy, focus, appetite suppression, and endurance – something everyone wants throughout the day, which is what OxyELITE is for!

It could likely be used pre workout as well, but it’s not just a pre workout supplement. Either way, move over Jack3d and Jack3d Micro – a new energy powder is on the block!

Colby’s Oxy ELITE Powder Review

Colby Strunk is no stranger to fat burners. He’s been bulking up for the winter, and it was time to switch out his pre workout in favor of OEP Powder. Check the video here:

In short, he likes the drink a lot. It had great, smooth energy, and the super is SUPER small. It tastes great, even though he watered it down a lot (which we have no problem with – water is good!)

Where to Get the New Powder

If you check up above or all the way down, you will see price comparisons on where to buy OxyELITE Pro Powder cheapest online, thanks to the Price Comparison Shopping Site. You can see their write-up on this product.

What If I Want the Original OEP Formula?

The bad news is, this powder does not have the original, DMAA-based formula. The good news is that if you’re in the US, it’s still available! See our write-up on our homepage – this entire site is mainly dedicated to the original formula.

The price comparisons all the way on the right sidebar also have prices for this original version.

Our Original Text on this Page – OEP Powder for Australians

Note – March, 2013: Below is what was originally written for Austalians, the users of the first version of the powder. We still see this product available in some stores, and are not sure if the new US-based product discussed above will come to Oz, or if this one will remain the same.

There’s one little problem, though – Australians can’t participate in the all of the fat burning fun that we can… until now. The reason is because Yohimbine and all of its derivatives are banned, oddly enough because they are aphrodisiacs, we are told. And in our case, Rauwolfia Canescens (Rauwolscine) is an ingredient in OxyELITE Pro capsules that is also known as α-yohimbine. Thus, OxyELITE Pro was banned in Australia… but now users have many choices.

Introducing OxyELITE Pro Powder

Sensing this, USPlabs went to work and created the Ozzies a form of OEP that’s nearly as good as the original, and also did something even cooler – they put it into a drinkable, powdered mix called OxyELITE Pro Powder!

The Original OEP Powder Container for Australians

The Original OEP Powder Container for Australians

Austalia’s always been difficult with all sorts of import restrictions, and capsules make it even harder. But since USPLabs already has the flavor systems and packaging from Jack3d, they went to work and made this specially formulated version that contains NO Rauwolfia Canescens (Rauwolscine / α-yohimbine).

We’re not going to BS you – this product is not going to be 100% as effective as the capsules that we get here in North America. Yohimbine and its derivatives are completely legit, and it’s a shame that they’re banned in Australia. However, this isn’t really the only secret weapon in OEP, and you’re still going to get the best fat burning product possible in Australia, even without any type of yohimbine. So take what you can get in this case, and be happy that USP went out of their way to make something just for you!

OxyELITE Pro Powder Reviews

OxyELITE Pro Powder launched with two flavors – watermelon and raspberry lemonade. This is definitely an interesting pick of flavors, and we’re guessing that these two flavor systems were stolen from Jack3d and worked best with the ingredients in OEP. Sometimes these herbal ingredients have odd flavors and need some power to blow them up.

Anyway, the reviews have been incredible, and I kind of wish these were available in the states (as we’ll talk about in the dosage section below). Watermelon is surprisingly getting the most rave reviews — as always, USPLabs is not using artificial coloring or artificial flavors — it’s all natural here. Yeah, we’re just trying to burn bodyfat, but that doesn’t mean we want to paint our innards with cancer-causing artificial colors… leave that to other manufacturers who make inferior pre workout supplements.

How to Take OxyELITE Pro Powder

Simply follow the instructions! What’s cool about this is that in the morning dosage, you can actually ENJOY it. Take 5 minutes to sip away when you take that first scoop on an empty stomach. It might not hit you as hard as taking two capsules immediately will… letting your energy and fat burning effects last just a touch longer.

But at the same time, it might actually hit you quicker, since you won’t need to digest through a gelatin capsule first! This is truly a unique product.

Where to Buy OxyELITE Pro Powder

See below for the price comparisons! Unfortunately, none of the American stores we work with are supplying this, so you’re currently on your own. Just go to your local store in Australia, or Google around for .com.au sites and find the best deal.

We’re guessing that this isn’t going to be available in America, however, because it is a touch weaker, and USPLabs wants Americans to get the full force of their arsenal.

As always, USPLabs innovates and puts out the best products. Expect this to get copied over and over again – but you read it first here – OxyELITE Pro Powder is the ORIGINAL powdered fat burner for Australians, and I hope I can get my hands on some here too!

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