OxyELITE Pro Side Effects

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Update: We have recently added a page titled Is OxyELITE Pro Safe? which shows ACTUAL research studies on the products used – not anecdotal information, and not ingredient-by-ingredeint breakdowns… real studies on real people using the real product. If you’re interested, read the studies, but in short – OEP is SAFE.

Is OxyELITE Pro Safe?

There is only one way that a product could have so many amazing reviews and stay at a rating of over 9/10: By working and by having minimal side effects. OxyELITE Pro passes both of these tests.

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While researching OxyELITE Pro and its ingredients, we’ve come across many research studies and discussions of side effects from the product.

Side Effects of Extracts in OxyELITE Pro

The good news is that none of the extracts used in clinical research studies showed any negative side effects on their subjects. While we are not employed or affiliated with USPLabs, we know that they would not include extracts known to cause adverse problems. Additionally, many of the ingredients have been safely used in our food supply for centuries.

You can read about these extracted ingredients in detail on our OxyELITE Pro Home Page – we even link to the important studies on the extracts.

OxyELITE Pro Side Effects from Users

Scouring the net, we’ve seen some discussions regarding users getting side effects from OxyELITE Pro.

Read the Label and Follow the Rules!!!

The most important thing we’ve noticed is that most side effects reported by users come when they do not use the product per its label’s instructions. For instance, many people are mixing it with amphetamine-based prescription drugs and/or other stimulants, including pre-workout drinks. DO NOT DO THIS!

If you are on prescription drugs, seek a doctor’s counsel before taking any supplement, including OxyELITE Pro. This is doubly true if your drugs are stimulant-based, anti-depressants, or operate on the thyroid.

The Expected “Side Effects” of OxyELITE Pro

OxyELITE Pro has many intended effects which one may misconstrue as side effects. For instance, OEP will cause the loss of fat, decrease in appetite, and increase in energy and focus. Many users get very warm and sweat more.

This is the purpose of a thermogenic fat-burner – you are expending more energy and burning up your fat!

One problem is that many users who have noticed the decrease in appetite don’t keep their protein numbers up, and may become catabolic (muscles break down). This is why it’s incredibly important to follow our OxyELITE Pro Stack page and get plenty of whey protein isolate and BCAAs in.

OxyELITE Pro works – sometimes too well – so keep your muscles happy by keeping your protein high!

Typical Side Effects from Caffeine

Many of the side effects that users have reported are typical, especially for newcomers on caffeine. OxyELITE Pro does not use high levels of caffeine like other fat-burners do. The maximum dose recommended would yield only 300mg of caffeine per day, which is well under the amount long-term safety studies consider dangerous (most people handle 400mg and less without adverse affects).

That said, if you are new to caffeine, you may start experiencing these common side effects from the caffeine: Restlessness, nervousness, excitement, insomnia, flushing of the face, increased urination, gastrointestinal disturbance, muscle twitching, a rambling flow of thought and speech, irritability, and irregular or rapid heart beat.

In addition, caffeine is addictive. When using it every day, it is easy to gain tolerance, and when coming off of it, you may go through withdrawal. Typical caffeine withdrawal includes headaches and slight nausea, but is nothing to be concerned about – especially with the small doses in OxyELITE Pro.

As a note, many of these same effects are seen when taking too much of any stimulant-based product, including Jack3d, USPLabs’ pre workout supplement. This is why you should never take both Jack3d and OxyELITE Pro on the same day!!

Other Side Effects Reported by Female OxyELITE Pro Users

A few females have reported getting hot flashes while on OxyELITE pro. They do not happen often, and are likely due to the thermogenic compounds explained above and in the OxyELITE Pro Ingredients page. Interestingly, we have received reports of females no longer getting hot flashes after using OEP as well!

Other Side Effects Reported by Male OxyELITE Pro Users

Very few (less than half of 1%) of male OxyELITE Pro have reported having erection issues with OxyELITE Pro.

The effect is caused by the 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl, which is a potent vasoconstrictor. This is an indication of OEP’s effectiveness and this will pass within a few days or so (dependent on the individual). You will start to notice the effect decreasing soon after dosage and then ultimately it may subside indefinitely as it does for most. Any stimulant may cause this to happen (second source).

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