OxyELITE Pro Results

We’ve had tons of results from our Reviews page, and they’re all real results from REAL users. You can find them all over the place, from YouTube to Facebook to blogs, and they’ve been on all sorts of people – competitive athletes, stay at home moms, gym junkies, the military… just about anyone!

So here are some highlights:

OxyELITE Pro Results for Women

We have some great competitors listed below, but I’m a fan of seeing before and after shots from real people like you and me. So let’s get it started right!

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JayTee Ware had an absolutely phenomenal two cycles. She looks better and better with every picture she takes, and is one of our favorite success stories – She went from 204lbs to 165lbs!

JayTee S Ware - Before and After

JayTee S Ware – Before and After – Just 2 cycles and went from 204lbs to 165lbs!

You can follow JayTee on Facebook.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best reviews given on our site, and then we’ll get into some of the figure competitors and the men..

From this Site:

I swear I have tried every diet pill made. I read reviews about this one and decided to try it. AMAZING! I wasn’t huge before but I was 5’2 and weighed 140. I’ve been taking this for a month now. One in the morning and one before lunch. I now weigh 120. I have recommended this pill to everyone I know. I buy it in bulk and pass it out to all my friends. Not one of my friends have complained. They all love it and have ordered more. I don’t know what makes this pill so different but they work!
— Jenn

This product is amazing!! im 26 years old , a mother of two and very busy!! snacking during the day was my downfall, and i started to gain weight. Im not really a gym person because of my hectic daily running around. I’ve been on OEP for 3 weeks and went from 146 to 132 :) i eat healthy and walk 3 times a week!! my appetite is gone , i have to force myself to eat during the day. I started with only one in the morning and now im taking two . This is a great product!! i recommend this to everyone!! — Chelsea

Competition Use – See Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker Gets MAD Results with 8 Weeks of OxyELITE Pro Before Competition!

Sarah Parker – 8 Weeks of OxyELITE Pro Before Competition!

Sarah Parker is an avid Oxy Elite user, and uses it to diet down before competitions. She times it up so that she begins her final 8-week cycle just 8 weeks before competition, so she goes in with maximum effect.

Sarah has won figure competitions in the past, and posted her photos to Facebook. Despite her little “product placement” in the image, she’s not sponsored by USPLabs – she just loves the stuff!

You can subscribe and follow Sarah’s progress at Facebook.com/SarahParkerPants!

This stuff is truly amazing. It has surpassed any expectations. I started at 172 lbs 4 weeks ago and I weighed in this morning at 148 lbs. I never expected to reach a size 8 ever again, and now I have and I am so happy. I was able to eat sensibly and lose even if I didn’t go to the gym. Now all the girls I work with are trying it, and they are also happy with their results and the fact it lifts the mood, makes your mind sharper and actually helps us get to our healthy body weight without having to starve ourselves or spend 5 days in the gym. It is absolutely worth any money spent. I recommend this to everyone! — Tina

Bodybuilding.com Over 40 Bodybuilder Of the Week – Cathy Hall

Cathy Hall - 49 Years Old

Cathy Hall – Awarded Top Bodybuilder Over 40 – Uses OEP!

Still unimpressed? Cathy Hall was BB.co’s top bodybuilder over 40, and is an avid user of the original OEP! Check out the image to the right!

But “Over 40” has nothing on Cathy! She was 49 when that image was taken!!

Wow! As an aspiring fitness model, i often have to really dial in my workouts and diet in order to get into photo shoot shape. At 5’4 inches and 16% bodyfat I’m not HUGE, but I like to get tighter before I get in front of the camera. Enter, Oxyelite! After about a month or so on this product I’m down almost 3% and ready for my closeup LOL :) This product is amazing for appetite suppression and energy without that yucky jittery feeling (at least, in my experience). Almost hated to cycle off of it, this will definitely stay in my arsenal! — Brie

How about Twitter? Any Success over there?

Let’s head over to Twitter and see who’s talking Oxy ELITE over there! The great Andrew Watson posted this image, along with a Tweet stating Unofficial #OxyElite supplement endorsers. Best stuff ever!!!

Andrea and OxyELITE Pro - Unofficial Endorsers!

The Unofficial Endorsers!

(BTW, you can follow us at @Oxy_ELITE)

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Before and After Results for Men

Drew Javellana - Oxy Elite Results

Drew Javellana Had an EPIC 6 months on Instagram!

My picture is below, but let’s get to some other people. Drew Javellana on Instagram posted this incredible picture, and tagged #oxyelite in it.

Nazim Serkan Burgui - What a Transformation!

Nazim Serkan Burgui – What a Transformation!

You can also follow Nazim Serkan Burgui on Facebook, whos incredible transformation is shown to the left.

Need more? Check out the highlights from some of our other reviewers from this site:

All I can say is “WOW”!!!!!!

I am a 6’0″ male and used to be 176lbs no matter what I did, ate or drank. Then my wife had our kids – and was making meals enough to feed an army. I ballooned up to 215lbs. Now 4 years later I was still the same weight and couldn’t lose it. My appetite for snacks was out of control.

We both started Oxyelite pro and after a full bottle – my wife is down 25lbs. and I’m down 35lbs! I’m back down to 180lbs again and feel GREAT!!!! I don’t work out – but I do stay active. I coach my sons little league team, I play softball and am very active outdoors.

I love this product and recommend it to all my friends and co-workers all the time. Everybody is amazed at how much weight I lost! Best thing about this product – is I don’t have the 10pm craving for snackages anymore………! — Scott

i started out at 250 lbs. i am 6’3 and 27 years old .. this past november i was traveling 1 anhalf hour a day to work and when i go home i only had time to spend with my son.. i wasn’t eating right or getting enough sleep. i started taking oxy elite pro and working out at the gym.. i now weigh 219lbs as of today.. i was down to 215lbs but anm now putting muscle on while still taking oxy elite pro.im in better shape thani have been since i was 20.. i couldnt be happier.. i still usually just take 1 a day and to be honest i have a horrible diet.. i eat fruts and veggies and take whey protein but im still not one to say no to fast food, and im still lost the lbs.. — Dustin

I love this stuff. I have been taking one pill on an empty stomach every morning. I have lost since my start in January 52 lbs and counting! I do combine it with a healthy workout 5 days a week of 30 minutes on an elptical and 15 – 30 minutes of weight training. It provides me with a great start every morning and keeps me moving even when my body says NO. All in all this is the best supplement I have ever taken! — Jesse

Well Dustin, we can’t say we agree with the fast food, but great results and glad you’re dropping the subcutaneous fat!

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..or see price comparisons & save 40% off retail!

So to say the least, I have done MANY fat burners before. Xenadrine, Redline, Tight…I could go on and on. I’m 5’8 and have always been on the selnder side. But I carry any extra weight in my stomach. So I started this bottle 4 weeks ago. I weighed 155 pounds. I made no changes to my diet and exercise, as they are both pretty good already. 4 weeks later I stand on the scale at 145 pounds. It’s not a miracle pill. It’s just that extra something that I needed to lose some weight in my gut.

It definitely curbs the appetite. I can barely finish a small fruit smoothie for breakfast. Lunchtime I have been having about half a sandwich or a bowl of soup. And at dinner, I don’t need more than a breast of chicken to be full. I don’t snack in between. I don’t ever get cravings. It probably has cut out about 750 calories a day that I had been previously taking in on a day to day basis.

I at the beginning had some dizzyness and nausea but it was very mild. Sweat a lot at first, not so much anymore. No sleep issues. Some headaches but I’ve always had those. I also would never exceed 2 pills a day. I did the 2 pills in the morning once and that made me sick. If you can handle it, good for you but I didnt need that.

I will be finished with my bottle in 2 weeks. I expect to be at 140, which is the weight I feel I look best at. My wife is thrilled because I am actually now willing to be shirtless again in public. At 140, I promise to never put back on a shirt :-)

Thank you OxyElite! You are as good as advertised! — John

My Success Pics

Got down to 8% bodyfat and the lovehandles were never smaller. Just like you, I’m no pro. But my story is no different than anyone – OxyELITE Pro flat out works and I use it to get ready for any major event.


End of story… the stuff is legit, and has been proven to be so time and time again. The proof is out there – time to see for yourself!

Need to Know More about OEP?

You can always learn more about OxyELITE at our homepage. Beyond that, we’ll continue to update this page with more results as the great reviews are written on our OxyELITE Pro Reviews page. USPLabs OEP is clearly better than any other thermogenic fat burner, including Hydroxycut or anything else that contains yohimbine.

Contact us if you’re interested in providing before and after pictures and results of your OxyELITE Pro run!

Comments and reviews are closed on this page — if you want to leave a review, do it on our reviews page!

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