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WARNING: This product has been recalled! Please see http://usplabsdirect.com/press-release for the official press release on the official site. This site is not owned or run by USPLabs.

Big news everyone! The new OxyELITE Pro formula is out, and it’s shaping up to be an incredible product. This write-up has an introduction to this new formula, which will be sold in the US and internationally. Below, we have even more articles on the new formula, so get ready to read!

It’s being referred to as the OxyELITE Pro Super Thermogenic, but that was also on the original label. The easiest way to tell the difference of which bottle you’re looking at is to look at the top of an unopened bottle. The new formula has a purple top, and some people are referring to it as the Purple Top OxyELITE Pro.

Where Can I Get It?

It’s now available at all participating stores, with the the most trusted place to get it here. But you can save money below with the PricePlow price comparisons!

What’s New in the New OxyELITE Pro?

There’s definitely some new and novel stuff in here, along with some trusted-and-true ingredients that have stuck from the original version. No doubt, I need to do some more research for you on these new ingredients – below is what I have at an initial run-down.

But one thing in particular has been removed, so we’ll discuss that first.

  • To begin, there is no DMAA, or 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl.

    While we maintain that it is still safe and effective when used properly, it is now banned in several countries outside of the US. This means that the original OxyELITE Pro was banned there as well. So USPLabs updated the product to have no DMAA, and replaced it with some other incredible thermogenic components.

  • Second, there’s now a bit more caffeine – 135mg per capsule. 2 capsules might hit you pretty hard, so start with 1! This was likely necessary due to the removal of DMAA.

  • Next, there’s Noroclaurine HCl, also known as higenamine. The trade name of this formulation is “Norcoline™.

    If this sounds familiar, it’s because this is the incredible new fat-burning stimulant that’s in Jack3d Micro. There’s way too much to discuss on this one, so if you want more information, see the Norcoclaurine / Higenamine page on Jack3dMicro.org, which has all sorts of charts and studies linked.

    Short story – It’s a VERY safe, yet effective, fat targeting agent. Great for focus too!

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  • Aegeline – No doubt, this is the biggest question mark here.

    Update: It turns out that my original analysis was a bit of a stretch. However, since Aegeline is a main player in Versa-1, the new anabolic supplement from USPLabs, we’ve been doing more research:

    It turns out that this naturally occurring alkaloid is thermogenic in low dosages, and anabolic in much higher dosages. That’s why it’s just a smaller, supporting ingredient here.

    It works in a few ways, one of which is via Beta-3 agonism. β3 receptors are mostly in adipose (fat) tissue, and these receptors help in the regulation of lipolysis (fat burning) and thermogenesis (production of heat/energy!)

    This isn’t the strongest way to burn fat in humans (it’s more powerful in other species), but it still helps, especially when combined with the other mechanisms that work very strong in humans. Basically, a trifecta is being played thanks to Aegeline.

    But just as importantly, the animal studies are showing how this significantly lowered the triglyceride, glucose, cholesterol, and free fatty acids (FFA) in diabetic rats. Clearly, something good happens here, but we definitely need more human data.

    “Weaker” Analysis Below

    It seems that this naturally occurring alkaloid helps alter signaling pathways, and is involved in histamine releases (reference).

    You might know the word ‘histamine’ from TV commercials, but the most important study behind the use of this ingredient revolves around the fact that histamine helps regulate bodyweight via inhibiting appetite. So I’m guessing that OxyELITE Pro v2 causes a minor histamine release which causes a bit of appetite suppression. This is apparently what will replace the appetite suppression of DMAA, and I’m excited to try it.

  • Hemerocallis Fulva – This plant has tons of benefits, including antioxidant properties. It’s hard to know what this is really doing since we don’t know what exactly it was extracted for.

    But the study that seems most relevant is where it increases lipid mobilization. This means that it will free up your fatty acids, giving you more energy to burn – if you get your butt into the gym and go burn them off!!

    Also note that this is labeled as “heat concentrated extract”, so it’s likely a thermogenic – you’re going to release energy and heat when it releases those fatty tissues.

  • Yohimbe extract is still here, which is great – tons of studies behind its ability to cause lipolysis (fat burning) – here’s one I like.

    The difference here is that USPLabs is using the higher-powered version from AlphaShred™. We’ll research this one further, but I can’t find any details on that right now… so I’m not sure what they’re excracting for.

If you need even more information, we just added a page dedicated to the OxyELITE Pro New Formula’s Ingredients. Check it out. Overall, the more research we do, the more excited we become – especially due to the aegeline ingredient.

Will the Original OxyELITE Pro Stick Around in the US?

I honestly have no clue, but it looks like Americans can choose between the two formulas. I don’t work for USPLabs, nor am I affiliated with them in any manner. I’ll update this when I find out more details.

In the meantime, you can still stock up on the original if you’re a big fan of it. The stores using the price comparison widgets on the right side of this site have it at great deals.



OxyELITE Pro New vs Old Formula – Which Should I Take?

This is a fantastic question, and it will really depend on your personal preferences.

First, some links: New vs. Original.

We are going to give some opinions here, so it’s important to note that this site is NOT run by USPLabs. We are an independent 3rd party community, and we are not paid by USPLabs, representatives for them, or affiliated with them in any official capacity.

That said, what we believe may differ from that of other USPLabs Reps.

Stick With What Works

Let me just say this right off the bat for those of you looking for a quick … Continue Reading...

Norcoclaurine HCl - New Thermogenic Fat Burner in OxyELITE Pro!

Norcoclaurine HCL

“Norcoline” for short, and also known as Higenamine, you’ve probably seen this ingredient in USP Lab’s Jack3d Micro or their new OxyElite Pro formula. So what does it do, why is it effective, and is this something that could work for most people?

We’ll delve into the details to give you a better idea of what this stuff does.

What is Norcoclaurine and what does it do?

An article on examine.com provides some basic insight of its use. Essentially Norcoline is a beta(1 and 2) receptor agonist similar to ephedrine. For those of you who know about or have used … Continue Reading...

Hemerocallis Fulva Heat Concentrated Extract

The new OxyELITE Pro formula still has a powerful bunch of ingredients. One ingredient is the Hemerocallis Fulva and it’s not just an ordinary extract, it’s a heat concentrated extract guaranteed to lock in the necessary biochemicals in every OEP dose!

Hemerocallis Fulva Benefits

Hemerocallis fulva might sound like an alien life form but it’s actually a flower. It’s also known as Ditch Lily or Tiger Daylily and other names describing its vibrant orange flower. It is interesting how many herbal supplements have ingredients coming from flowers like the Geranium plant.

This isn’t really a surprise though, as ancient medicine … Continue Reading...

New and Old Formula Differences

The biggest difference is that the new formula does not have DMAA, or 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl in it. To make up for that, there is 35mg more caffeine per pill, as well as added ingredients aegeline and higenamine.

The Quick Choices – Where You’re Located and DMAA

Before getting into the technical stuff, let’s get a few things across that might make it easier for readers:

If you are in a country where DMAA is currently banned, then you have no choice – you’ll need to take the old formula.

If you have taken a DMAA-containing product before and enjoyed… Continue Reading...
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The OxyELITE Pro New Formula Ingredients

Touted by many to be the most potent, successful thermogenic fat burner on the supplement market, OxyELITE Pro has been revised into a different breed of the same animal.

The old formula is still widely available, contrary to common belief, though contains ingredients that are banned by the military and some student athletic factions. USP Labs has heeded the requests of the consumers and created a new OxyELITE Pro formula, which contains very new, and promising ingredients.

What’s the difference in the new formula?

For starters, the “banned ingredient” DMAA has been taken out. This ingredient works incredibly well in … Continue Reading...

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