MLB Star Marcus Stroman Suspended for Using OxyELITE Pro

In April of 2012, Toronto Blue Jays star right-handed pitcher Marcus Stroman was handed a whopping 50-game suspension for violating the MLB’s drug program. He tested positive for methylhexanamine, otherwise known as 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, or DMAA for short.

This news was major in the sports world, but didn’t register onto our radars until recently. Why? Because it turns out that Marcus wasn’t just using DMAA — he was taking OxyELITE Pro, the fat-burning weight loss product that is the basis of this site.

Well baseball fans, you have our attention. So now it’s time for you to hear it from another angle – ours.

The Disclaimer: This Site is NOT Run by USPLabs

Before we begin, I must say this: this site is not run by USPLabs, the manufacturer of OxyELITE Pro. We are not reps for them, we are not employed by them, and we are not affiliated with them in any way, shape or form. They are at

This is a third-party weight loss community. I am going to give some opinions that you may not like (if your name is Bud Selig). These opinions are mine. Not USP’s.

Now let’s get on with business.

OxyELITE Pro is Legal….. But Not For Marcus!

The first thing to note is that OxyELITE Pro and DMAA (the stimulant inside that caused Stroman’s drug test failure) are completely legal in the United States.

But Marcus made two mistakes:

  1. First, DMAA is on the MLB banned list. But as if that wasn’t enough, OxyELITE Pro is also specifically listed on the copy I am holding!! It’s plain as day! (and sorry, but I will not reproduce my copy here).

    So right off the bat, Stroman screwed up, and he went on to admit it. Judging by his interviews and Twitter feed, he seems like a great guy who just made a rookie mistake.

  2. Second, as an FYI, DMAA is 100% banned in Canada. Even if he was not under professional drug testing, he should not have had this in Toronto. We urge all other Canadians to use the New OxyELITE Pro formula, which is DMAA-free.

    This ban is despite the fact that in healthy individuals who follow the label, DMAA and OxyELITE Pro have been shown to be safe.

The Drug Tests were Right… The Knee-Jerk Reactions Are Not

The first point above is important to us because Stroman tested positive for DMAA, not for any other stimulant. This is exactly what should have happened. After all, he was using something that he was being tested for.

The most important part is that he did not test positive for an amphetamine. DMAA is NOT an amphetamine, and does not convert to an “amphetamine metabolite” – it’s physically and chemically impossible. End of story. This is different.

50 Games? Are you Serious?!

Marcus Stroman Does Not Deserve 50 Games

Marcus Stroman Does Not Deserve 50 Games

Now here’s where I get upset, MLB. I understand that Stroman did “wrong” in your book. DMAA is a performance enhancer, and if you’re going to ban PED’s, it belongs on the list. Nobody is really going to argue that. For us regular folk, it’s one of the reasons why we love it in our Oxy ELITE.

But 50 games?!

I’ll put it simply: OEP is not 50-game worthy. It’s worth 10, 15 max. The stuff was out of Strohman’s system within days, gives no lasting effects, and is a MILD stimulant. It is SAFE when the label is followed.

He was a 22 year old kid — a first-time offender — who clearly made a mistake and owned up to it. Compared to the other shit your players are pulling, he is an angel.

Please give Marcus a break and go use someone else as your whipping boy. This is a good kid whose career is being jeopardized for political reasons and chest-pounding.

Meanwhile, Everyone Else is on… ADDERALL!

In the meantime, while Marcus keeps the bench (and his Twitter feed) warm, one in ten MLB players are on ADDERALL!!

Don’t believe me? Let me google that for you. Click on any article — the result is the same:

This league is doped up on real amphetamines.

We’re no longer talking about some over-the-counter fat burner that USPLabs put together from 100mg caffeine and a geranium plant. We’re talking about the real deal.

How is that Even Possible?

Oh, it’s easy to get on amphetamines when you’re in the MLB.

All you gotta do is get a prescription, which nearly any doctor will happily write for a player who “can’t focus”. Voila: now your entire pitching staff is wired in to a terribly addictive and damaging substance, and they can’t get suspended for it (perhaps just some lame “drug counseling”), because it was a “doctor’s orders”.

You probably already know about adderall, but let me tell you something: There is a well-known website called

There is NOT a well-known website called (go ahead and register it, you’ll probably get 4 hits a year.)

Why not? Because OxyELITE Pro doesn’t ruin lives. You take it for 8 weeks on, you take 4 weeks off, and everyone is happy (all real reviews, averaging 9.0/10 or so – OEP is legit). Adderall is the true culprit to the MLB’s latest snorefest….

This is Why Batting Numbers are So Low

Stimulants favor the pitcher. Steroids (properly administered) favor the hitter. Both will help either one, but this is generally how it works.

But then there’s stimulants like Adderall, which really favor the pitcher. And the hitters have no response, since steroids are done (perhaps rightfully so).

The end result? A major low in batting averages, which translates to boring baseball. Everyone and their grandmother now has a perfect game or a no hitter. One- and two-hitters are for the peasants.

But while you have this enormous drug problem staring at you in the face, you have the audacity to ban a first time OTC supplement offender 50 games for using something that is 0.01% the strength of the psychostimulant drugs that you openly allow?

That’s what you call a hypocrisy.

Whatever. It’s time to get back to the weight room. Today’s leg day and I’ve spent enough time on this nonsense.

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