Is OxyELITE Pro Safe? New Research Studies Answer… YES

OEP has gotten a lot of attention for being one of the most effective fat burners in the market today. Even so, there are still people who are skeptical about this product, with some even questioning just how safe this supplement is. So is it safe? The new research studies answer that question, and it’s a resounding YES. This article takes a look at why this is so.

What is OxyELITE Pro?

Before taking a look at the story behind OxyELITE Pro’s safety, it’s important to understand what OxyELITE Pro is about in the first place.

OxyELITE Pro is a fat burning supplement that works by boosting thermogenesis, which is the body’s ability to burn fat through body heat and metabolism. The ingredients in the supplement include:

  • Caffeine. Caffeine boosts metabolism and increases energy levels.

  • Bauhinia purpurea. This ingredient also helps improve metabolism. At the same time, it also promotes thyroid health.

  • Cirsium oligophyllum. This ingredient allows OxyELITE Pro to burn the unnecessary fat instead of the essential fats in your system.

  • Rauwolscine. Otherwise known as alpha yohimbine, rauwolscine works with the other ingredients to boost a person’s metabolism.

  • Bacopa monniera. This ingredient improves concentration, allowing a person to focus better in tasks.

  • 1,3-Dimethylpentylamine HCl. Also known as DMAA, this improves the body’s fat burning abilities. It also increases a person’s energy levels so you can burn more fat, resulting in even more weight loss. This is arguably the most controversial ingredient in OxyELITE Pro, and is one of the reasons why these safety studies were done.

All of the ingredients used in OxyELITE Pro are all-natural, which helps support the answer to the question, is OxyELITE Pro Safe?

The OxyELITE Pro Studies

For those who are worried about the safety of taking OxyELITE Pro, don’t be, because the answer to the question, because there are multiple double-blinded studies showing not only its effectiveness, but its safety as well.

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The Study’s Design

The foremost study investigating whether or not the supplement is safe had 25 healthy adult men as participants. In the course of 10 weeks, the participants were either given a placebo or a supplement containing the active ingredients of OxyELITE Pro.

They were also asked to exercise during this duration. After the 10 weeks have passed, they were then tested to see if those who have taken the supplement have experienced negative effects compared to those who took the placebo.

The Results of the OxyELITE Pro Safety Study

Results showed that the patients who took the supplement did not experience any significant changes that could drastically affect their health.

There were no changes to their blood pressure and their resting heart rate, and the supplement also did not cause any effects (good or bad) on their liver or kidney.

They also did not experience any side effects, even those that were occasionally reported by those who have taken OxyELITE Pro. When taking the product per the label’s recommendations, it simply works safely.

The results of this study, which mirrored previously conducted studies about the ingredients in the supplement (albeit the trial periods running for a shorter period), were subsequently published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolic Insights, proving the answer to the question, Is OxyELITE Pro Safe? and that answer is Yes.

Can I see these Studies?

You sure can! Here are the relevant links:

  1. – The whole study with data. Not published here, but this is the complete file.
  2. – The latest Study’s Abstract if you don’t want to read the whole thing
  3. – A press release from USPLabs, creators of OxyELITE Pro
  4. – The previous study, which was done on OEP, not Jack3d, showing the same results.

Other Safety Studies have been done too…

Aside from these studies, USPLabs, the manufacturer of OxyELITE Pro, conducted five clinical trials to prove that this supplement is safe for use. One of those other studies is linked just above.

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The Limited Side effects of OxyELITE Pro – They’re from CAFFEINE!

While it’s true that OxyELITE Pro is safe for use, do bear in mind that it’s possible for you to experience some side effects while taking this supplement, as you may be sensitive to some of the ingredients that are used in this supplement. It’s a serious supplement, and you must see a certified medical practitioner before beginning a supplementation program.

Some of the adverse reactions people have experienced while taking OxyELITE Pro are:

  • Excessive sweating. Because OxyELITE Pro enhances the body’s thermogenic properties, your body temperature will rise up, resulting in you sweating more than the usual. While not endangering health, this side effect can cause embarrassment to those who are taking this supplement.
  • Anxiety. The caffeine content in OxyELITE Pro can make you feel jittery. It has also made some users experience having heart palpitations while taking this supplement.
  • Difficulty in sleeping. The caffeine in OxyELITE Pro can also make it difficult for some users to get some sleep, especially those who are not used to caffeine.
  • Side effects in men. Minor erection problems may be experienced in a very small minority of men while taking this supplement. Stimulants have a temporary “vasoconstrictor” that may restrict bloodflow. We’ve never felt this ourselves, and with proper diet and nutrition — your biggest concern when dieting – should not be a problem.

So, is OxyELITE Pro Safe? New Research Studies Answer… YES.

Even so, this doesnt mean that you should take this fact for granted, as its still possible for you to experience negative reactions while taking this supplement. To play safe, consult with your doctor before taking this supplement so you can be sure if this wont have an adverse effect on your health.

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9 Responses to “Is OxyELITE Pro Safe? New Research Studies Answer… YES”

  1. Aaron on March 21st, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    Great review! This has always been an effective product in my experience, and I’m glad to see it mentioned in the article that the study was done with the participants taking the product as directed. This product (and many others in this line) have gotten a lot of bad press lately, most likely because they aren’t used properly. I’m a faithful USPLabs customer!

  2. Cynthia Lovern on May 14th, 2012 at 8:20 am

    I love this product and have been taking it on and off for the last 7 months. I take well below the maximum dosage, usually only one capsule per day. Occasionally, on the weekends, I will take two according to package directions. My question is this, if taking well below the maximum dose, is the 4 week break still necessary? I eat a very well-balanced diet with lots of lean protein and consume plenty of liquids. In addition, I exercise daily doing a combination of cardio and strength training. The only other caffeine I consume is black tea in the morning and afternoon, not exceeding 400 mg/day.


    Cynthia Lovern

    • Admin on May 14th, 2012 at 8:27 am

      I’m not sure how to answer this, since this doesn’t all make sense — 400mg/day of caffeine from black tea?? That’d be a lot of black tea! If you’re mixing 400mg/day of caffeine with OEP, I don’t think it’s a good idea, and this is not how the safety studies were operated.

      If you’re dosages are lower, I’d still take 2 weeks off of ALL stimulants to reset your adrenals. But I’m concerned that you’re mixing too many stimulant-containing products, which isn’t what USPLabs suggests to do. Black tea typically isn’t that strong though..

  3. Lindsay on July 2nd, 2012 at 6:28 am

    can you mix oxyelite pro with antidepressants??

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    More OxyELITE Pro Reviews below:
    • Admin on July 2nd, 2012 at 8:04 am

      You must speak to your doctor before starting a supplementation program and mixing any prescription drugs with any supplement.

      In general, this is not a good idea.

  4. lady_that_loves_oep on July 26th, 2012 at 10:09 pm

    I remember back in May 2011, I was close to 150lbs (149 to be exact) I tried many different ways to get back to my normal weight 123-125lbs. I felt like it was hopeless, losing 24lbs seemed impossible. That day in May I decided I would go to gnc try these pills that the sales lady had been raving about. I went into the store and she happily sold me my very first bottle off o e p. she recommended a multivitamin. At this time I only wanted the oxy so I didn’t buy the vitamins. She had given me some very good instructions, the most important 1 being 2 follow the instructions the on the oxy bottle and that I needed 2 give it time and not only try for just a couple of weeks stating that she seen many customers come in after only a week or 2 expecting massive weight loss. She said If you want to lose the weight healthy take your time and make sure you take the time off as the bottle recommends.

    I had dropped 6 pounds within 3 weeks those 6 pounds gave me all the encouragement I needed to continue taking the oxy. But I plateaued. While I was on my 4 week break, I read this book that gave some pretty good tips on dieting, what works and what doesn’t. It explained how diet pills are a good to help you in the beginning but ultimately it has to be a lifestyle change. The book also stated that vitamin D with a healthy diet will increase the results. I never heard of vitamin d being linked to Successful weight loss.

    By the time my first bottle was gone I was down 9 lbs. I still weight 140 at that point. So I went back in to gnc to buy my second bottle but this time I purchased a multivitamin(ultra mega women’s- active) . This was in August. With the multivitamins the weight loss was still the same, I was down to 134 by September, but Sept. To Oct. I lost 10 pounds. I was 124lbs by October.

    I can say that oep is an awesome product. It has been over a year and I am happy to say that I still weigh between 123-125. I am 35 and in the best shape of my life. I thought it was impossible. But oep made it happen.

    • Admin on August 2nd, 2012 at 10:37 am

      Thanks for the great comments, and congrats!!!

      As is stressed everywhere else on the site here — focus on your bodyfat % and muscletone-to-fat ratio, not just weight. If you’re a sexy 150lbs, I couldn’t possibly care less what you weight. Some of us begin gaining weight when we start lifting and doing resistance training, and that’s fine, as long as it’s healthy (and good looking) muscle tone, not bulk or fat.

  5. lea on January 5th, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    can it be taken while on birth control (the shot)?

    • Admin on January 14th, 2013 at 4:03 pm

      You’ll have to speak with a doctor as we cannot make recommendations when mixing with prescription drugs. I’ve heard that others have used it, but I cannot tell you if it’s been successful or if it’s at all recommended – there’s too many forms of BC out there, and we are not doctors… so see yours!

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