The Five Hottest Fitness Models in 2013

It’s 6:00AM, your alarm goes off, every instinct in your body wants you to hit snooze…but unfortunately that isn’t possible; you have to get up, get the kids dressed, fed and out the door for school and get yourself set for the day. Life is busy and tough. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle via diet and exercise isn’t always easy. Sometimes we need an outside force is inspire us, motivate and give us a goal to aim for.

Who motivates you to get fit?

My training partner told me recently “the mind shapes the body” – we are like artists painting our own bodies with nutrition and exercise; he also went on to state that if I want to look like this guy, lift as well as that guy, I should emulate their training style. The same applies to dieting and achieving your dream physique.

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When I was younger I was told to cut out a picture of what I wanted to achieve through lifting weights. Who did I want to emulate? So I put a picture of Arnold (like most beginning “bodybuilders”) and stuck it into my wallet – every time I opened my wallet it reminded me to think about the choices I am making: will these choices help me achieve my goal?

The purpose of this article is to provide motivation and drive, to give you a goal. Feast your eyes on the women below who took charge of their lives and set their mind to a task, achieving great success on stage and in their personal lives.

Ranked in no particular order – My five hottest fitness models/physiques/figures of 2013:

  1. RikkiRikki Smead is NPC figure/ Women’s physique champion with a 1st place finish at her first show and a 4th place finish at the Emerald Cup. I first met her at a local gym and witnessed firsthand her passion, drive, intensity, consistency and commitment to a healthy life style which turned into a sport she is excelling at. Rikki’s potential is limitless; she set her mind to a task and achieved success.

    You can follow Rikki at

    “Believe you can and you are half way there”

  2. TammyTammy Bravomalo is a USPLabs sponsored IFBB Figure Pro with passion, mind set and physique to strive towards. Her favorite supplements include, OxyElite Pro, Jack3d Micro, Modern BCAA and Test Powder. “The end result will be far greater than a moment of indulgence.” -Tammy Bravomalo, a quote from Tammy that keeps her striving towards her goal as an Elite member in her sport.

    Tammy’s Facebook page is here and here blog is here.

  3. ChadyChady Dunmore – Is someone to look up to, she is a fitness cover model, 2x WBFF Pro biki world champion and a mother.

    Need to “read” more about Chady? Check her Facebook page out here.

  4. Marzia PrinceMarzia Prince– Meet Marzia, a IFBB Bikini Pro, 2007 Ms Bikini Universe, she is also a writer for Natural Muscle Mag.

    Marzia’s Facebook page can be found at

  5. Lexi KaufmanLexi Kaufman– Meet Lexi, she recently earned her pro card in 2012. She grew up in sports but was drawn to the stage where she immediately earned respect and brought home the gold.

    Definitely a “last but not least” type of situation. Check out Lexi’s Facebook page here.

Set Your Sights

Let’s recap, the average viewer reading this might not want to step on stage; I know I probably never will, but the message these models send us by their actions are beneficial. They are setting a goal and developing a plan to achieve it. Believe in yourself and commit to this life style to better yourself and become the best you possible.

Becoming confident in your body, leads to a plethora of other successes in your life, all of these women started off just like you and I, set their mind to a task and created a life out of it.

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