New to Weightifting? 10 Tips for Beginners in the Weight Room

Joining a gym and beginning weight training can be quite a new experience and often times a little intimidating. Following the below top ten tips for beginners in the weight room will help you feel at home in the gym and get you off to a right start for your 2013 resolution.

The Ten Ten Tips to Help all Beginners

  1. Check your ego and leave your pride at the door – As a beginner to the weight room you won’t be lifting as hard, heavy or as long as seasoned members. Don’t try to pick out the biggest guy or girl in the gym and attempt their weights. I have learned from personal experience and it has got me injured in the past. Lifting weights is about making yourself better, it is you vs. the weights not you vs. the people next to you (unless you do Power Lifting ;) )

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  3. Get a Personal Trainer – When beginning weight training and as you progress, weight form is critical. I cannot count the number of times I have been training and have wanted to stop my workout to correct a member’s form (largely speaking about commercial gyms). The average person doesn’t understand their body and its mechanics. Getting a trainer to explain how your body works and how the machines/free weights are intended to work is a way to make sure you are starting off on the right foot to avoid injury and maximize gains.

  4. Watch videos on YouTube or Training Blogs – Athletes such as Chris Duffin often post instructional form videos that are posted on YouTube; I even have a few myself. YouTube contains a vast well of information, and most instructional videos are taught by certified trainers or accomplished athletes. Not all of them are, however, so be careful because there are some to avoid.

  5. Rack Your Weights

    Your Mother Doesn’t Live Here – Rack Your Weights!!

    Rack your Weights – You’ll notice on your first day at the gym people leave their weights loaded, bars and dumbbells at a station and do not clean up after themselves. Show some common courtesy and un-load the weights and put them back.

  6. In the Zone – If someone is “in the zone” meaning they have their head phones in, raining sweat, grunting, eye of the tiger – please don’t bother them unless it is of utmost importance. I have had many a workouts ruined because someone wanted me to show them something and tell them how I have achieved what I have so far – there is a time and place for that but when you are getting “jack3d” that is not the time. If you have a question there are often other gym members or trainers who are not currently in a session and would love to help you out.

  7. Squat Racks – Squat racks are for squatting, not slapping 5’s on for a set of 21’s. You could also use a squat rack for rack pulls or shrugs if your gym lacks a dead lift platform or the proper equipment but other than those two exercises squat racks should be open for squatting.

  8. Rest time – Recovering between sets is important; however, playing bubble shooter or updating your Facebook status, tweeting and posting a picture on Instagram can wait; others want to get some sets in too. When you’re going hard with your OxyELITE Pro, this isn’t typically a problem. You want to move.

  9. Leave the Ipad/Magazines at home – Whenever I see people watching movies or reading a book/magazine on a stationary bike I shake my head. You are at the gym to get work done, achieve goals not to watch T.V or escape to Twilight land. I have been guilty of this when I felt down and needed to get a workout in but I was still running/pedaling my heart out. Working out isn’t easy, it requires a lot of hard work, sweat, tears and sometimes blood.

  10. Proper gym apparel – Going to the gym shouldn’t be a fashion show, or a peep show for that matter. Wear clothes that are comfortable and made for getting sweaty, dirty, stretched. Commercial gyms are a prime example: too many people go to the gym for a social gathering and to see who has the newest pair of Nikes and Zumba pants. The same can be said for males and females alike who wear clothes that are too revealing. We don’t want to see your bare stomach, butt and boobs hanging out. It is distracting and many times unflattering. At gyms such as Elite Performance Center we often have people go shirtless, but that is a totally different environment than at a large commercial gym.

  11. Proper hygiene – I can’t stress how nice it is when people wear some deodorant; you totally know the people who don’t. Shower, put on a moderate amount of good smelly and you’ll be good to go. Don’t forget, OxyELITE Pro is thermogenic, and it will make you sweat!!

Stay Safe and Have Fun!

Following these simple rules will make you a valued member to any gym/club in your area and when you travel. The gym is a non-judgmental zone where people should go to push themselves and better themselves while on their quest for a healthy life style.

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