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Many people search for the best cardio workout. But guess what? There really are no absolutes in training. All training is good. One isnt always better than the other, and it’s great to mix them all in. But we can almost guarantee that you’re forgetting about a few things, so let’s get moving.

Such is true when referring to health training. But for specific purposes, some physical activities simply benefit the body more than other exercises — especially when it comes to burning fat (which is the point of this website – we have the best natural fat burner on the market here!). One may claim that swimming is by far better or the best cardio workout, yet it does not in many ways result to weight loss – but that’s OKAY!

The Best Cardio Workout is NOT About “Weight Loss” or “Burning Calories”

“Weight loss” is NOT THE GOAL – Looking and feeling good is – lower body fat – is the TRUE goal! If you tone up your muscles, and “convert fat to muscle”, who cares about your weight?! Ladies, don’t worry, you’re not going to get “yoked”. You’re going to get toned. So stop worrying about weight and start worrying about health and bodyfat. And we have just the solution for you in that case.

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Experts note a very specific type of training to be the most effective as both a cardio workout and weight management. The exercise in mention is the High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. Workouts are way shorter than any other form of training, but it is a lot more intense. High intensity exercises are separated by medium intensity exercise to wind up the heart and avoid over fatigue. This effective process is the reason why most people who tried this training describe HIIT as the best cardio workout ever.

Now, we’re going to focus on HIIT here, since it’s probalby new, but this is not something you need to do every day. Once, preferably twice a week is what you need. Mix it in with weightlifting (yes, you should occasionally lift heavy), as well as LISS (low impact, steady state) cardio that you all love and enjoy. All training is good – so don’t skip the sprints, but don’t go 100% sprint either!

Meanwhile, we have some energy-boosting, metabolism-firing thermogenics here that will not only make your workouts more intense, but will help you shed fat faster too. There’s a reason why we have so many incredible reviews on this site — and they’re all real, over the course of time — because thermogenics like OxyELITE Pro work!

The Best Cardio Workout – HIIT efficiently sheds off the Fat

HIIT, also called as sprint interval training, gives value on peoples time. This claim is based on two important explanations. One is the value of everyday time; many people are so busy that they have to leave their cardio health and weight management to the daily supplements they take. With HIIT, these people just need to sacrifice less than 20 minutes of their precious time and the result comes instantly.

The efficiency of this training is also favored by people who are left with an ample time to shape their body up. HIIT is not only the best cardio workout but also the most efficient way to burn fats. Many exercises have been featured on how to lose weight fast, but these workouts are already considered slow when compared to the intensive interval trainings. It may come to a surprise that with just less than 20 minute once or twice a week, HIIT can lose up to 9 times more fat than other cardio exercises.

What are the methods of Interval Training?

The original program is set at 2:1 ratio of high intensity to medium intensity. A workout of 30 seconds for example is complemented by 15 seconds of recovery period. Sprinting for about 40 seconds should have an interval of 20 seconds for jogging or milder exercise.

Several methods of carrying out this best cardio workout have been introduced, allowing people to choose the programs that is fit to them. One known example, and probably the best known, is the Tabata Method. It is by far the most intense, yet is considered the shortest. It last only for about 4 minutes (interval of 20-second high intensity and 10-second medium intensity) but the short period have shown remarkable results to people who have tried this.

The Little Method decreases the intensity range of Tabata but its longer period delivers the same results. It is done in 8 to 12 cycles of 60-second intensive exercise and 75 seconds of rest.

Another method is the Escalate Method made popular by Bill Phillips. This has four cycles of increasing 1-minute workouts.

Another fast and sure way to reduce stored fats in the body is the 60-Second Method. The name explains it, this exercise sheds off fats by the 60-second intense activity targeting to exhaust all energy from the muscles. This HIIT is not recommended though to most since it takes 24 to 48 hours to replenish.

But Fat Burning is Even more intense with supplements

The surest and the best cardio workout is one with the right supplement. Pre-workout supplements burn fat faster than ever. The only one in our list of HIIT supplement is USPLabs OxyELITE Pro. It is the Number 1 thermogenic fat burner that perfectly matches the intensity of interval trainings.

OxyELITE Pro works as energy provider, fat burner and appetite regulator. It is a pill that features a full-pledged thermogenesis. It blocks off Alpha 2-receptors that are responsible in storing fat and preventing to burn them.

How does HIIT benefit the body?

The benefits of this best cardio workout to the body are threefold: aerobic benefits, metabolic benefits, and cardiovascular disease concerns. Clinical studies show that HIIT produces the similar biochemical changes compared to trainings of more than four times the length of intense exercises. HIIT lowers insulin resistance that enhance skeletal muscle fat oxidation and improve glucose tolerance. The resting metabolic rate or RMR of HIIT is significantly increased due to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. And lastly, although widely accepted as the best cardio workout, HIIT was rarely a studied in the mainstream. In 2011 though, a study finally assessed its effect to cardio-vascular diseases and the result is what the public has already known for yearsHIIT can effectively reduce risks of CVD.

It should be noted that along with the fat, energy are also completely withdrawn due to the intensity of trainings. It is best to take whey protein immediately and not replace burnt calories with sugar, which defeats the whole purpose! For optimum results, the interval trainings should follow the diet plan on this site for best results.

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