Why Dieters Need to Be Using BCAAs

The supplement world can be a mysterious puzzle, navigating between endless isles of shelves stacked to the top with the newest and “greatest” product to hit the shelves. Oh, and I almost forgot the “know it all employee” who is certain his store’s brand tops the industry leading brand. I encourage everyone to hop on Google and research for themselves what supplements they should take for their goals, which brand is the best and why.

If you are new to the supplement industry and are just beginning a new healthy life style you might have heard of these top recommended products.

  • A Fat burner such as OxyELITE Pro
  • A lean protein powder/meal replacement shake
  • Creatine
  • A daily multivitamin
  • BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

Out of the above top supplements BCAAs get over looked and often times replaced by ineffective products. During my time in the bodybuilding/power lifting scene I have come back time and time again to Modern BCAAs by USPlabs because of the undeniable quality and results I have seen, but wait lets back track for a few, why should you take a BCAA (Modern BCAA) supplement?

What are BCAAs?

First let’s define what BCAA’s are: branch chained amino acids are essential amino acids (meaning they have to be supplied in your diet). These are leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

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Branch Chained Amino Acids provide many essential components to help achieve weight loss and keep your body running healthily during a caloric deficit; they have been shown to-

  1. Preserve lean body mass (spare muscle wasting while dieting, running a caloric deficit; which is important because the more learn body mass you have the more calories you burn during exercise and rest). Often times those dieting, approach it aggressively and end up burning/losing muscle giving them a “chubby, lean” look. We want to keep the body from this, hence the use of supplementing BCAA’s into your daily nutrition.

  2. Increase visceral fat loss

    Improve your workout by increasing visceral fat loss, preventing muscle breakdown, and boosting endurance.

    Increase visceral fat loss. Visceral fat is the fat that surrounds the internal organs (around the abdomen) and is very dangerous and hard to lose.

  3. BCAAs, when taken prior or intra workout (how I dose them) helps lessen or prevent catabolism (muscle break down) and even promote anabolism ( which will help achieve lean muscle building for that “tone” look ).

  4. Studies have recently found that leucine is a key to igniting protein synthesis and modulate blood sugar levels, “which explains why taking BCAAs effective at maintaining muscle mass, as they stimulate the muscle building components even while in a caloric deficit.”

  5. Boosts endurance/ reduces fatigue– I sip 10 grams of BCAAs intra workout to provide my body with fuel to complete my most intense exercises, I have discovered that supplementing with Modern BCAA’s during my workouts helps keep me running at a competitive level from my first lift to my last lift.

BCA’s are versatile and can be split up and dosed throughout the day. If you train fasted in the early morning drinking ~10g BCAA intra workout will be extremely beneficial to your workout.

You can also supplement with BCAA’s during your meal times. Sometimes life in unpredictable and meals can be sporadic, so adding a scoop or two of Modern BCAA’s to your water bottle is a refreshing, tasty way to keep your body energized while dieting.

Why USPlabs Modern BCAA?

I have tried nearly every BCAA supplement to hit the market shelf and always return to Modern BCAA for a few simple yet important reasons-

  • Ultra-Micronized, mixes completely clear and has the best flavor(s)

  • No artificial Colors

  • Superior 8:1 BCAA formula with mTOR activation in mind (very long scientific study short: “ModernBCAA is designed to exploit the fundamental role that BCAAs, in particular, l-leucine, play in the enhancement of anabolic signaling, initiation translation, and muscle protein synthesis.” –StragicMove, USPlabs Product Educator) Meaning: increased recovery, lean body mass for that “toned” look and help in weight loss. This pathway may also be responsible for cell-volumization/hypertrophy.

  • Price, Modern BCAA is one of if not the best value in the market.

“Where there is a will, there is a way”


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