Diet Principles for your 2013 New Year’s Resolution

With the holidays now behind us and the New Year started, many individuals have made a resolution to commit to a healthier life style, start a diet and or join a gym. I would like to personally welcome you to this way of life. It can be challenging to begin, but with the right tools in your belt, some motivation and hard work you can and will achieve your goals.

Goal Setting

The first step one should take when starting their New Year’s resolution would be to create a goal and trim it to fit your needs. I suggest a short term goal and a longer term goal. For the purpose of this article let’s assume you want to lose 10lbs in two months and more throughout the rest of the year, as well as “tone” your body up. Let’s break down what you will need.

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  • Determine your goal (lose 10lbs over a two month period, “tone” up your body, live a healthier life style)
  • Examine/create a nutrition plan
  • Create/develop a workout routine (Weights, cardio, ect)
  • Supplement correctly (Products such as OxyElite Pro will significantly increase results)

Nutritional Principles

Educating yourself on basic nutrition will be one the most rewarding experiences and helpers to achieving your New Year’s resolution. The reasons a lot of people fail to keep going after a few weeks is because they quit “cold turkey” or go on a die hard “diet” and don’t let it become a life style. I suggest beginning small, removing sodas, syrupy coffee’s and the typical “junk” foods. After a short time your body WILL STOP craving the sugars and simple carbohydrates, you will begin to enjoy a healthier food palette. Just remember – take everything in moderation. Here are a few quick guide lines from myself and Mike.

  • Try and buy Organic, fresh foods. Unprocessed and free from hormones, GMO’s, such as grass fed beef. Yes the price is a little higher but it will save you a fortune in the long run.
  • No fake fats…. no corn oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil, or anything mentioning ‘hydrogenated’
  • If you begin to read the ingredient label and are unable to pronounce half the words and the list is longer than the “naughty, nice list” you should probably not buy it.
  • Avoid “stress eating” (more to come on this) and unhealthy snacking habits such as in front of the TV, in bed etc. Choose a healthier snack option like a small handful of almonds.
  • Avoid prepackaged, ready to eat microwaveable foods- they contain many harmful preservatives, sodium and other ingredients.
  • Educate yourself on nutritional timing and when your body can maximize its food intake (Sugars, carbohydrates post workout, avoid late night sugars before bed)
  • Be sure to get enough sleep! It is critical in weight loss
  • Allow room for error; plan a cheat meal a week.

Keeping motivated

Find out what YOU like to do exercise-wise; not everyone likes to go into a packed gym and lift weights. Many people are intimidated; feel lost and uneducated about exercise equipment. These days there are countless new guys popping up around your town or city such as Cross Fit, commercial gyms, local private Power lifting gyms, Curves, etc.

The fundamental, most basic aspect of weight loss is you have to expend more calories than you are currently taking in. Here is a short list of activities one could do if they do not like the gym scene.

Vary your exercises – you don’t always have to be at the same gym!

  • Swim
  • Biking, running, jogging, walking
  • Play with the animals
  • Play with your kids on the playground
  • Find a sport, after school activity, group that stays active and encourages the changes you are trying to make in your life.

Other principles that have helped me get me in good physical shape are:

  • Making my workouts fun, dynamic. Constantly adding or taking away to keep my interest in the gym.
  • Switching gyms
  • Avoiding “boredom munching”
  • Schedule or monitor stationary activity such as television, computer time and eating patterns
  • Staying active and motivated by surrounding myself with others who share my desire and goals

Allow some leeway

If you are new to this life style and are human I can guarantee that is resolution will at times be difficult! I can absolutely understand and relate. One’s nutrition will not always be perfect – it is important to limit binge eating, drinking and other unhealthy behaviors but at the same time you can’t stress yourself out. Allow for a small margin of error so that this year your resolution becomes a new life style and not a fad.


Proper supplementation is also a very important part in weight loss and living a healthy life style. Supplements are used to supplement what you cannot get through your dietary/daily nutrition.

I am always taking a multivitamin, fish oil (omega fats) and Modern BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids). However, when I am cutting down for a meet I take OxyElitePro. This is a fantastic fat burner that attacks fat on multiple layers. OxyElite will help boost your metabolism and provide you with more energy, and allow one to burn my calories in a workout, or throughout their day.

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