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Those who don’t know much about bodybuilding often think that spending time in the gym to pump iron is all it takes to build muscle. This is actually far from the truth. While lifting weights is indeed an important aspect of bodybuilding, it is not by any means the only factor that can influence your ability to gain muscles. Diet is also another important element of this, and there are even some people who argue that this is actually the most important factor that will affect how you build muscles. This article takes a look at the role of diet in bodybuilding.

Diet and Bodybuilding

The reason why diet is important in bodybuilding is because the food you eat will provide you with the energy that you need in order to do your tasks, including working out at the gym. The more active the physical activity you will be doing, the more food you will need to eat so you can get the energy that you need to perform this task.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should eat everything in sight in order to gain muscles. There are actually those who mistakenly believe that, and as a result, they end up gaining fat and not muscles, which is counter to what bodybuilders want for themselves, given that bodybuilding is actually composed of two areas: losing the excess fat in your body while gaining muscle mass.

While you will need to eat food containing more calories than what you will burn in order to gain mass, this doesn’t mean eating anything and everything. Your food choices should be purposive so you can get the results that you’re looking for.

While there are already existing diets such as Fat Loss Factor that have been specifically designed for those who are looking to gain muscles, it is also possible for you to design your own diet plan to help you achieve your goals. Some basic tips that you can follow to help you in designing your diet are:

  • Stay away from fatty food. Don’t be misled into believing that gorging on fast food will help you gain muscles, since it will only be fat you will be gaining if you overindulge in fatty, oily food. Choose healthier food options instead such as whole grains, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Avoid artificial food. Your diet should ideally be primarily composed of fresh food. Artificial products can actually endanger your health, even if it’s not your goal to gain muscle mass. Stay away from trans fat, refined oils, and similar ingredients as well.

  • Focus on protein. Protein actually plays a crucial role in helping build and repair muscles, which is why it’s important that you include a lot of protein in your diet. However, this doesn’t mean that your diet should be exclusively made of protein, since your body also needs other nutrients such as carbohydrates, healthy fat, and vitamins and minerals. Experts suggest that those who want to gain muscles should ideally follow a diet composed of 50% protein, 30% healthy fat, and 20% carbohydrates.

  • Drink plenty of water. Working out will mean losing a lot of the fluids in your body. As such, drink a lot of water to replace what you will be losing so that you won’t end up getting dehydrated.

It’s a good idea to talk with a dietitian or a fitness expert who can help you out in planning your own diet plan. That way, you will be able to get professional advice on what you can do in order to get the results you’re looking for.

Bodybuilding and OxyELITE Pro

For those who need help in building muscles, OxyELITE Pro might just be the product for you. This product is formulated to help you lose the excess fat in your body by boosting your metabolism. This will then result in you having more energy, allowing you to work out harder so you can gain bigger muscles.

A note of caution: while OxyELITE Pro can help you in cutting fat, it is by no means a magic bullet that will allow you to get ripped overnight. The supplement should be taken alongside a proper diet and exercise so you can get the physique you’ve always wanted. In fact, this product was actually designed for those who already follow a physical fitness regime.

As such, you wont get any results with this product if you have a sedentary lifestyle. Also, make sure that you continue to exercise and follow a proper diet even if youve already gotten the physique youre going for. The body needs maintenance, and dropping your workout and diet routine will make you gain back the fat and flab youve lost.

Taking OxyELITE Pro can be a big help in bodybuilding when taken alongside a healthy diet. Again, it’s a good idea to talk with your doctor so you can be sure that this product and your diet plan are the right choices for you given your own unique needs.

As always, see your doctor before starting a supplementation program or changing your diet.

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Lani Kawasaki Using OxyELITE Pro for NPC Figure Prep!

On July 26th, the amazing Lani Kawasaki will be competing for her NPC Women’s Physique pro card. What’s she using to help her along the way?

None other than OxyELITE Pro!

Over at Hodge Fitness, Lani just posted this awesome video of a “light leg day”.

She talks supplements, training, and her diet (which is equally interesting and badass).

We’ll recap all of that below, but it’s best to see it and hear it from her:

Thanks for the OEP shout-out, Lani! Now let’s get down to business:

Lani’s Diet – Fish Fish and More Fish!

This part I found … Continue Reading...

The Five Hottest Fitness Models in 2013

It’s 6:00AM, your alarm goes off, every instinct in your body wants you to hit snooze…but unfortunately that isn’t possible; you have to get up, get the kids dressed, fed and out the door for school and get yourself set for the day. Life is busy and tough. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle via diet and exercise isn’t always easy. Sometimes we need an outside force is inspire us, motivate and give us a goal to aim for.

Who motivates you to get fit?

My training partner told me recently “the mind shapes the body” – we are like artists painting … Continue Reading...

New to Weightifting? 10 Tips for Beginners in the Weight Room

Joining a gym and beginning weight training can be quite a new experience and often times a little intimidating. Following the below top ten tips for beginners in the weight room will help you feel at home in the gym and get you off to a right start for your 2013 resolution.

The Ten Ten Tips to Help all Beginners

Check your ego and leave your pride at the door – As a beginner to the weight room you won’t be lifting as hard, heavy or as long as seasoned members. Don’t try to pick out the biggest guy or… Continue Reading...

Should Women do Chest Exercises?

The majority of clients I have trained have been women between the ages of 19 to mid-20’s, as well as a few older individuals. I am constantly left face palming and shaking my head when they tell me what they have heard/read from friends, magazines and television shows.

There is “Bro science” for men, and for women there are tons of common myths. Most females I begin training are scared that they will magically gain a lot of muscle mass and size; they desire a lean body, small thighs, big butt and a great chest; just as men seek to … Continue Reading...

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Bodybuilding Forums – Which is Best for You?

Like any other sport or hobby, bodybuilding requires a lot of individual discipline, motivation, and support from like-minded individuals. On the internet, there are several bodybuilding forums dedicated to bodybuilding that can help professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts alike discuss a variety of topics including workout routines, upcoming competitions, nutrition, and motivation building that can lead to achieving the perfect muscular proportions. Bodybuilding forum members can also share photos of themselves to see how their progress compares with other bodybuilders.

With so many bodybuilding forums available online, one must know how to weed out the ones that do not offer any … Continue Reading...

Misc Bodybuilding

Misc bodybuilding is all about showing off ones physique to an audience who appreciates the body’s looks rather than its strength. During a misc bodybuilding competition, points awarded by judges are largely based on muscle definition and proportion.

Misc Bodybuilding: The History

It all started with Prussian bodybuilder Eugen Sandow (born Friedrich Wilhelm Mller) who made his first public appearance in 1889 in London. Under a contract with manager Florenz Ziegfeld, Sandow gave muscle display performances by striking various poses in addition to displaying his immense strength through barbell lifting and chain-breaking. Audiences were in awe of his body which … Continue Reading...

Bodybuilding Workouts

Bodybuilding Workouts are paramount in building muscle mass and losing unwanted fat. Taken with USPLabs OxyELITE Pro, an award-winning fat-burning solution to complement ones whole food diet and exercise regime, anybody may be able to achieve his or her desired physique in no time. This product is from a well-known company that is said to offer the best supplements in the field of bodybuilding with thousands of loyal customers worldwide.

Bodybuilding Workouts – FREE Plan Below!

Given that each and every one of us is unique, with a body composition and chemistry that is different from the next, it follows … Continue Reading...

Bodybuilding Women – Who’s on Top?

Most people often associate bodybuilding as a men’s world. Society is used to seeing men with big hard muscles competing in bodybuilding contests while women should have soft curves and a comely face to join beauty pageants. All these ideas of gender-specific roles, where men and women should place themselves have changed, and one contributing factor was when women started joining bodybuilding contests.

Women began taking part in bodybuilding around 1970s but certain rules were not allowed for women bodybuilders to showcase such as doing mens poses that includes clenching the fists and muscle flexing. Bodybuilding women wore high heeled … Continue Reading...

Bodybuilding Diet – Supplements Come Second

Good exercise and a healthy diet are still the best combination in maintaining a healthy body. People who are serious about developing lean muscles and a strong physique look into a bodybuilding diet, supplements and rigorous training program. We can help with all of those here. There is a special kind of bodybuilding diet body builders follow, which is measured in exact amounts to control carbohydrate, protein and fat. This will help them burn fats and develop more muscles. Body building supplements are necessary to maintain body builders stamina and strength to fulfill and meet the energy needed for the … Continue Reading...

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Bodybuilding Coupons – Links to the Best Deals

Bodybuilding is serious business requiring your utmost determination and concentration to see things through until you see results. And like any other sport or activity, you stand to gain best results from bodybuilding if you make use of the best tools and aids. Unfortunately, aiming for the best can also be quite costly. Thankfully, there are bodybuilding coupons you can take advantage of to help you out in your efforts to get buff.

What’s even better about bodybuilding coupons is that they are available from all sorts of sites, available for all sorts of things about bodybuilding. Want to save … Continue Reading...

Bodybuilding Quotes – Need Motivation?

Bodybuilding entails hard work that’s why it’s not surprising that a lot of the bodybuilders turn to bodybuilding quotes. Bodybuilding quotes may seem cheesy but certain words usually have that desired effect on people, giving them the kind of boost they need to keep going with bodybuilding. Again, bodybuilding entails hard work so you’re going to need everything you can get your hands on for inspiration, making you push further when you can’t find the energy to keep moving.

While we love to get motivated with the sheer energy from OxyELITE Pro (which you can read all about all over … Continue Reading...

NPC Bodybuilding – Find Success with Us!

The National Physique Committee, or NPC, is the largest of the amateur bodybuilding organizations in the US. The International Federation of Bodybuilders, or IFBB, designates an amateur organization in every country and the NPC Bodybuilding is the recognized arm of the professional organization in the US.

How to Join NPC Bodybuilding

Before a bodybuilder can become a professional according to IFBB standards, he must first win at a class at the NPC Nationals Championship or come out on top as the overall winner at any NPC USA Championship. NPC started out in 1982 after various other legislation were developed for … Continue Reading...

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