Lani Kawasaki Using OxyELITE Pro for NPC Figure Prep!

On July 26th, the amazing Lani Kawasaki will be competing for her NPC Women’s Physique pro card. What’s she using to help her along the way?

None other than OxyELITE Pro!

Over at Hodge Fitness, Lani just posted this awesome video of a “light leg day”.

She talks supplements, training, and her diet (which is equally interesting and badass).

We’ll recap all of that below, but it’s best to see it and hear it from her:

Thanks for the OEP shout-out, Lani! Now let’s get down to business:

Lani’s Diet – Fish Fish and More Fish!

This part I found the most interesting, and think there’s a lot of credence behind it. Besides her whey protein isolate shakes, Lani’s food-based protein comes only from fish!

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I absolutely love this – as a Hawaiian, this is completely natural to Lani and her ancestry, and fish is downright healthier[1] when chosen properly. There’s several kinds of fish that can be used for variety and various benefits. And, of course, it’s readily available, wild-caught right there in the beautiful Pacific waters.

On the other hand, with food like chicken, you don’t always know what you’re getting unless you have a trusted pastured chicken farm. Lani’s decision (under the direction of her “super genius” husband, Mike) should prove to be very successful.

Lani Kawasaki Prepares for NPC Figure Pro Card!

Good Luck in Your Pro Card Quest Lani!

Fish is amazing. Just look at the cultures who eat high amounts of it: they basically don’t have any of the “western diseases” that we call “metabolic disorder”. It’s for a reason: their food is simply better and healthier.

“Light” Leg Day!

In this video, she’s doing legs, but she goes through her weekly split at the 2:20 mark. Her ideal rep range is 20 reps – her golden number.

Should you do 20 reps? I don’t know – we are all different – so do what works for you! This is why experience helps so much in figure competitions. We all train up and diet down a bit differently, and the only way to really know what works for you you is to stop reading and start doing at some point.

Lani on Supplements

Lani NPC Figure Pro Card Quest

Hey Lani – Next, we need to see your back workout!!

Of course, Lani is using OxyELITE Pro for her pre workout energy and thermogenic fat burning. Besides that, she’s using whey isolate protein, which she doubles up after workouts (2 scoops – don’t fear the protein, ladies!) and tops it off with raspberry ketones.

Train with Her Today – In Oahu!

If you’re in Oahu and want to lose a few pounds or even prep for a contest, Lani is your lady. See the Lani Kawasaki page over at Hodge Fitness, and subscribe to the Hodge Fitness channel to see more great videos.

Good Luck in your Pro Card Quest, Lani!!!



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