Bodybuilding Forums – Which is Best for You?

Like any other sport or hobby, bodybuilding requires a lot of individual discipline, motivation, and support from like-minded individuals. On the internet, there are several bodybuilding forums dedicated to bodybuilding that can help professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts alike discuss a variety of topics including workout routines, upcoming competitions, nutrition, and motivation building that can lead to achieving the perfect muscular proportions. Bodybuilding forum members can also share photos of themselves to see how their progress compares with other bodybuilders.

With so many bodybuilding forums available online, one must know how to weed out the ones that do not offer any useful information and stick to ones that help develop ones knowledge and skills, as well as make new friends who share the same passion. A few popular bodybuilding forums are suggested below.

USPLabs Official Forum

We of course have to start with The Official USPLabs Forum. Since this is an OxyELITE Pro website, you can discuss it and look through their questions here. You can also see their user success stories and beta test new products!

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Price Comparisons and Deal Alerts Powered by PricePlow calls itself the worlds # 1 bodybuilding and fitness forum. This may be due to the fact that is has over 4.6 million members, over 4.4 million threads and over 80 million posts. It is a highly active forum that caters to main topics such as supplements, workout programs and exercises. It also features BodySpace which posts profiles and blogs of real forum members who like to share videos or pictures of their bodies and workout routines and provide inspiration and motivation to others.

The bodybuilding forum focuses mainly on bodybuilding and the use of anabolic steroids. It holds information dating back to 1996, has more than 9 million posts, and a membership of almost 300,000, both male and female. Popular topics in this forum include anabolic steroids, bodybuilding supplements, weight training and weight lifting. A chat and conversation forum is also available for members who want to discuss topics which are not related to bodybuilding.

The bodybuilding forum has over 125,000 members and over 3 million posts. It features topics largely relating to supplements and reviews, nutrition, bodybuilding, anabolics, weight loss and training. An article section of various health topics sourced from bodybuilding experts, magazines and websites is also featured for information building.

If theres one topic that may be common and top of the list among the bodybuilding forums mentioned, it is the use and review of supplements. This may due to the fact that most bodybuilding regimens incorporate the intake of supplements in order to achieve ones desired weight loss, burning of body fat and building of body mass.

Tons of Forum Discussion on OEP

USPLabs OxyELITE Pro is one such dietary supplement that has its fair share of discussions and reviews in these forums. It is the leading thermogenic fat burner and is widely used by bodybuilders to get their body ripped and ready for competition.

Using OxyELITE Pro helps regulate appetite, increase energy, and burn fat. It is available in capsule form which can be taken once in the morning for the first three days. Afterwards, the dosage may be slowly increased to three times a day for a maximum of eight weeks, to be followed by a rest period of four weeks. It works by burning subcutaneous fats and reducing the water content in adipose tissues that are responsible for those unsightly love handles, jiggly abs, and not-so-tight buttocks. OxyELITE Pro is also effective at blocking alpha-2 receptors which inhibit lipid breakdown and promote fat storage.

At, OxyELITE Pro is mentioned by some members as one of the best fat burners they have used, especially at times when theyve hit a wall in losing weight. Members have also discussed that taking OxyELITE Pro does not affect results of drug tests. This is important especially if bodybuilders are preparing for competitions where certain ingredients in supplements may be prohibited.

Members of the bodybuilding forum report rapid weight loss and a leaner body within 3 weeks of taking the OxyELITE Pro capsules. The product is also effective at suppressing appetite. Some members however, report that they experience headaches and sweating as inconvenient side effects.

Various product reviews of OxyELITE Pro are offered at and the product is also available at the websites online store. According to the review statistics, OxyELITE Pro was effective at helping forum members gain muscle, lose body fat, and transform their bodies. Overall, it is rated as a very effective fat burner that helped some members lose anywhere from 6 to 55 pounds in a few weeks.

Based on the different forums, the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to the OxyELITE Pro. Appetite suppression, weight loss, and increased energy are felt within the first few days. Reported side effects such as dizziness, headaches, and trouble sleeping are normal for those who are not used to taking stimulant-based supplements (OxyELITE Pro contains 100 mg of caffeine). Taking smaller doses, however, may ease these discomforts. And while reading the different discussions may provide lots of encouragement, remember to always consult first with a physician before using the product.

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