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New to Weightifting? 10 Tips for Beginners in the Weight Room

Joining a gym and beginning weight training can be quite a new experience and often times a little intimidating. Following the below top ten tips for beginners in the weight room will help you feel at home in the gym and get you off to a right start for your 2013 resolution.

The Ten Ten Tips to Help all Beginners

Check your ego and leave your pride at the door – As a beginner to the weight room you won’t be lifting as hard, heavy or as long as seasoned members. Don’t try to pick out the biggest guy or… Continue Reading...

Should Women do Chest Exercises?

The majority of clients I have trained have been women between the ages of 19 to mid-20’s, as well as a few older individuals. I am constantly left face palming and shaking my head when they tell me what they have heard/read from friends, magazines and television shows.

There is “Bro science” for men, and for women there are tons of common myths. Most females I begin training are scared that they will magically gain a lot of muscle mass and size; they desire a lean body, small thighs, big butt and a great chest; just as men seek to … Continue Reading...

The OxyELITE Pro New Formula Ingredients

Touted by many to be the most potent, successful thermogenic fat burner on the supplement market, OxyELITE Pro has been revised into a different breed of the same animal.

The old formula is still widely available, contrary to common belief, though contains ingredients that are banned by the military and some student athletic factions. USP Labs has heeded the requests of the consumers and created a new OxyELITE Pro formula, which contains very new, and promising ingredients.

What’s the difference in the new formula?

For starters, the “banned ingredient” DMAA has been taken out. This ingredient works incredibly well in … Continue Reading...

Healthy Alternatives to “Stress Eating”

The 21st century has been an era of technological advancements and change; we in the new generation have never had the access we do now to technology and information. These new advancements come with a hidden price tagif you would – constant stressors.

Chronic Stress – Where does it come from?

If I may go on a brief tangent and provide a quick history lesson; back when cavemen ruled the world the needs of humans were primal: food, shelter, water, and love (reproduction). When faced with a threat, say a saber tooth tiger, the body would produce a hormone called … Continue Reading...

Diet Principles for your 2013 New Year’s Resolution

With the holidays now behind us and the New Year started, many individuals have made a resolution to commit to a healthier life style, start a diet and or join a gym. I would like to personally welcome you to this way of life. It can be challenging to begin, but with the right tools in your belt, some motivation and hard work you can and will achieve your goals.

Goal Setting

The first step one should take when starting their New Year’s resolution would be to create a goal and trim it to fit your needs. I suggest a … Continue Reading...

Can VERSA-1 Be Used for Dieting?

Versa-1 may just be the most versatile product to hit the supplement market today. USP Labs created their best Beta-test to date, selecting Bodybuilders, Power lifters, runners and athletes from all walks of life and ages to test the range of this product; they also opened this test to others such as Anabolic Minds and SupplementReviews for complete and honest feedback with no hype. The truth is – from the first doses the testers haven’t stopped raving about the success of this new product.

So, can Versa-1 be used for dieting? My friend Andrew McInroy, aka Dexterium from USP Labs, … Continue Reading...

Bodybuilding Forums – Which is Best for You?

Like any other sport or hobby, bodybuilding requires a lot of individual discipline, motivation, and support from like-minded individuals. On the internet, there are several bodybuilding forums dedicated to bodybuilding that can help professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts alike discuss a variety of topics including workout routines, upcoming competitions, nutrition, and motivation building that can lead to achieving the perfect muscular proportions. Bodybuilding forum members can also share photos of themselves to see how their progress compares with other bodybuilders.

With so many bodybuilding forums available online, one must know how to weed out the ones that do not offer any … Continue Reading...

Finding Your Sleek & Sexy Sweet Spot

An incredible guest post By: Charlene SanJenko, Lifestyle Expert & Performance Coach


Sleek & Sexy Sweet Spot: The amount of time, energy and money women invest to feel good about themselves, how we look, feel and move in the world, a.k.a. our feel-good factor.

I couldn’t even begin to put a pricetag on it, as it includes clothing, make-up, jewelry, plastic surgery and enhancements, hair, nail and spa treatments, diet and fat loss supplements, fitness memberships, trainers… and the list goes on and on and on…

So how exactly do you find your ever-elusive Sleek & Sexy Sweet Spot, … Continue Reading...

Is OxyELITE Pro Banned?

Right now, there are tons of people searching for HONEST, up-to-date information on if OxyELITE Pro is banned or not. This is the place where we’ll keep you updated, with all of the greatest links to news and research studies that show its safety.

But first, let us cut to the chase:

At this time (April 25, 2013), OxyELITE Pro has NOT BEEN BANNED by the FDA, but USPLabs has unfortunately decided to stop producing the original formula with DMAA.

Even though some stores have pulled it from the shelves, it is still legally sold in the US while stock … Continue Reading...

Misc Bodybuilding

Misc bodybuilding is all about showing off ones physique to an audience who appreciates the body’s looks rather than its strength. During a misc bodybuilding competition, points awarded by judges are largely based on muscle definition and proportion.

Misc Bodybuilding: The History

It all started with Prussian bodybuilder Eugen Sandow (born Friedrich Wilhelm Mller) who made his first public appearance in 1889 in London. Under a contract with manager Florenz Ziegfeld, Sandow gave muscle display performances by striking various poses in addition to displaying his immense strength through barbell lifting and chain-breaking. Audiences were in awe of his body which … Continue Reading...

Bodybuilding Workouts

Bodybuilding Workouts are paramount in building muscle mass and losing unwanted fat. Taken with USPLabs OxyELITE Pro, an award-winning fat-burning solution to complement ones whole food diet and exercise regime, anybody may be able to achieve his or her desired physique in no time. This product is from a well-known company that is said to offer the best supplements in the field of bodybuilding with thousands of loyal customers worldwide.

Bodybuilding Workouts – FREE Plan Below!

Given that each and every one of us is unique, with a body composition and chemistry that is different from the next, it follows … Continue Reading...

Low Impact Cardio, the OEP Way!

When fitness experts, gym rats and health buffs are asked, What’s the best possible way to lose weight and gain muscle? they will always reply with HIIT better known as High Intensity Interval Training. This incorporates workouts that are done in short quick bursts that push the limit of your endurance, stamina and physical strength. Although proven effective, HIIT should not be done ALL the time, and users may even get discouraged after attempting one gym session of HIIT (it’s tough – but at least it’s short). The thing is there is always an alternative to everything and for HIIT … Continue Reading...