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Help Wanted: Part-Time Twitter Manager / Social Media Expert

Hey all, we need some help getting our @Oxy_ELITE Twitter handle under control! If you’re a social media whiz

Before we begin, we need to remind you that this site is not run by USPLabs, the manufacturer of OxyELITE Pro. We are a third-party fan site, and are completely unaffiliated from them. We are not reps, nor are we employees.

What we Need – Consistency

We’re looking for a part-time worker who can handle our Twitter reach-out campaign. This includes talking to people who are discussing OEP, fat burners, or stimulants in general.

We want to work closely with someone … Continue Reading...

OxyELITE Pro vs. Lipo-6

When you’re in the market for a new fat burner, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with choices. Nutrex’s Lipo 6 has had a very popular following in the past, and continues to sell well. We’ve all wondered, does that stuff still top the market? Or has time (and technology) moved on?

On the flip side, USP Labs has been busy in the workshop, creating and seemingly perfecting a new generation of advanced fat burners. OxyElite Pro is the number one rated thermogenic fat burner in the country, and for good reason! Why is it so popular? Read on and we’ll … Continue Reading...

OxyELITE Pro vs. Animal Cuts

Supplements As Partners in Fat Burning Goals:

If you are looking for fat burning supplements, the benefits and advantages outweigh the naysayers. Diet and hard work does work until plateau time – then the addition of fat supplements, especially while working out, helps users to the next level. Fat burning supplements also contain ingredients that provide an appetite suppressant.

There’s tons of choices, and they all have the same goals – increased energy, increased fat burning via heat, more motivation, etc.

So today, we take a look at two of the market’s top contenders: USPLabs’ OxyELITE Pro vs Universal Nutrition’s … Continue Reading...

Lani Kawasaki Using OxyELITE Pro for NPC Figure Prep!

On July 26th, the amazing Lani Kawasaki will be competing for her NPC Women’s Physique pro card. What’s she using to help her along the way?

None other than OxyELITE Pro!

Over at Hodge Fitness, Lani just posted this awesome video of a “light leg day”.

She talks supplements, training, and her diet (which is equally interesting and badass).

We’ll recap all of that below, but it’s best to see it and hear it from her:

Thanks for the OEP shout-out, Lani! Now let’s get down to business:

Lani’s Diet – Fish Fish and More Fish!

This part I found … Continue Reading...


MLB Star Marcus Stroman Suspended for Using OxyELITE Pro

In April of 2012, Toronto Blue Jays star right-handed pitcher Marcus Stroman was handed a whopping 50-game suspension for violating the MLB’s drug program. He tested positive for methylhexanamine, otherwise known as 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, or DMAA for short.

This news was major in the sports world, but didn’t register onto our radars until recently. Why? Because it turns out that Marcus wasn’t just using DMAA — he was taking OxyELITE Pro, the fat-burning weight loss product that is the basis of this site.

Well baseball fans, you have our attention. So now it’s time for you to hear it from … Continue Reading...

Norcoclaurine HCl - New Thermogenic Fat Burner in OxyELITE Pro!

Norcoclaurine HCL

“Norcoline” for short, and also known as Higenamine, you’ve probably seen this ingredient in USP Lab’s Jack3d Micro or their new OxyElite Pro formula. So what does it do, why is it effective, and is this something that could work for most people?

We’ll delve into the details to give you a better idea of what this stuff does.

What is Norcoclaurine and what does it do?

An article on examine.com provides some basic insight of its use. Essentially Norcoline is a beta(1 and 2) receptor agonist similar to ephedrine. For those of you who know about or have used … Continue Reading...

Hemerocallis Fulva Heat Concentrated Extract

The new OxyELITE Pro formula still has a powerful bunch of ingredients. One ingredient is the Hemerocallis Fulva and it’s not just an ordinary extract, it’s a heat concentrated extract guaranteed to lock in the necessary biochemicals in every OEP dose!

Hemerocallis Fulva Benefits

Hemerocallis fulva might sound like an alien life form but it’s actually a flower. It’s also known as Ditch Lily or Tiger Daylily and other names describing its vibrant orange flower. It is interesting how many herbal supplements have ingredients coming from flowers like the Geranium plant.

This isn’t really a surprise though, as ancient medicine … Continue Reading...

OxyELITE Pro vs. Jack3d

With USPlabs constantly innovating and expanding their product line you might find yourself browsing online, looking at Jack3d, Jack3d Micro, OxyELITE (original or the new formula) and thinking, like many people I have assisted on forums, which product should I take? Can they be stacked? And which is best for my goals?

Before we dive into these questions I want to make it perfectly clear that Jack3d/OxyELITE Pro cannot be stacked together or combined with any other stimulants, such as but not limited to, coffee, tea, soda’s or any other stimulant based pre-workout/fat burner. All that being said, a pump … Continue Reading...

The Five Hottest Fitness Models in 2013

It’s 6:00AM, your alarm goes off, every instinct in your body wants you to hit snooze…but unfortunately that isn’t possible; you have to get up, get the kids dressed, fed and out the door for school and get yourself set for the day. Life is busy and tough. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle via diet and exercise isn’t always easy. Sometimes we need an outside force is inspire us, motivate and give us a goal to aim for.

Who motivates you to get fit?

My training partner told me recently “the mind shapes the body” – we are like artists painting … Continue Reading...

Why Dieters Need to Be Using BCAAs

The supplement world can be a mysterious puzzle, navigating between endless isles of shelves stacked to the top with the newest and “greatest” product to hit the shelves. Oh, and I almost forgot the “know it all employee” who is certain his store’s brand tops the industry leading brand. I encourage everyone to hop on Google and research for themselves what supplements they should take for their goals, which brand is the best and why.

If you are new to the supplement industry and are just beginning a new healthy life style you might have heard of these top recommended … Continue Reading...

The 5 Mistakes I Keep Seeing Dieters Make

During my time in the fitness industry I have come to see a few disturbing trends for those who have made up their mind to choose a healthy lifestyle, become active and in particular shed some unwanted body fat, often referred to as “dieting.” Today I will break down what I think are the top five mistakes I have observed dieter make.

1. Not goal setting

I have said it once and I will say it again, too many individuals choose or have a desire to get into the gym, start a nutrition program but fail or become unmotivated because … Continue Reading...

The 1hr Cardio/Lifting Balance for Weight Loss

Throughout the past week we have talked about healthy eating options, how to create a healthy diet/lifestyle; we have also discussed principles to keep you motivated and even ran through a few workout routines. As individuals in our society, we are constantly on the move and have to allocate our time between work, school, the gym and most importantly our friends and family. This article is dedicated to getting you in and out of the gym in roughly an hour. Using this method will help you reach your fitness needs and satisfy your New Year’s resolution.

Why Strength Train?

A … Continue Reading...