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EpiBURN Pro – The OxyELITE Pro Replacement

Take a look at what website you’re on. OxyELITE-Pro.com – the #1 independent informational website and fan club for OxyELITE Pro, USPLabs’ top-selling thermogenic fat burner from 2010-2012.

So as you can imagine, it is a bittersweet moment to hear about OxyELITE Pro’s replacement, EpiBURN Pro, which was announced by USPLabs in mid July 2014. Even though OxyELITE Pro is still available through this site (but in very limited availability), it’s time to move toward the future.

What’s in EpiBURN Pro? Peaking at the Ingredient label

As we write this in June, there is currently no official ingredient label released.… Continue Reading...


Can Taking Antioxidants Really Help with Weight Loss?

Antioxidants are substances that help protect healthy cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, which are formed naturally in the body. Antioxidants are responsible for fighting disease and keeping you healthy, especially if you’re always very physically active, have bad habits like smoking, and frequently expose yourself to environmental contaminants like radiation. Recent studies have shown that beyond providing protection from cell-damaging free radicals, antioxidants may also help promote weight loss.

How to lose weight

There are three main ways that a person can lose weight:

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Control calorie intake

Exercise most days of the … Continue Reading...


The Sad Loss of $8 MILLION of OxyELITE Pro and Jack3d

A few months ago, we were sad to tell you that USPLabs was done manufacturing their original OxyELITE Pro and Jack3d supplements. What we didn’t know* is that they still had a good amount to be sold off from earlier production runs.

That stockpile they had is no more: We are sad to report that USPLabs voluntarily destroyed $8 Million Dollars worth of remaining OEP and Jack3d.[1] This is because of mounting pressure from the FDA surrounding the ingredient DMAA, shown as 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl on the OxyELITE label.

* As a reminder, this site is not run by USPLabs, … Continue Reading...

Oxy Elite Protein

OxyELITE Protein – The New Protein Powder that Burns Fat!

USPLabs has announced an incredible new product that we’re extremely excited about – OxyELITE Protein – A great name to match the great OxyELITE Pro fat burner that we all know and love here.

How can a protein powder burn fat?

Two major ways:

Use it to replace calories from other fat-storing sources – especially at the right time of the day, such as in the evening. By including ingredients that have been shown to do any of the following: Supress Appetite Increase lipolysis (fat-burning) Increase thermogenesis (energy expenditure to heat) Lower bad cholesterol levels

…all while not including dangerous … Continue Reading...

OxyELITE Pro Discontinued

OxyELITE Pro Original To Be Discontinued – Stock Up Now!

We are sorry to say that we have some extremely bad news for the loyal supporters of the original OxyELITE Pro formula:

In April of 2013, USPLabs announced that they will no longer be producing the original OxyELITE Pro, nor will they produce any more Jack3d Original.

The official press release is below.

This decision is mainly due to the DMAA content, which the FDA never felt comfortable with. While USPLabs and GNC rightly contested that well over a billion servings of DMAA (from Jack3d and OxyELITE Pro) were safely taken, and that DMAA is a natural component from Chinese … Continue Reading...

Egg Whites for Your Diet

Ever since Sylvester Stallone popularized raw egg shakes in his movie “Rocky,” many bodybuilders have their own version on how to down eggs. The recent trend now focuses on egg whites. In fact, some companies have taken to preparing and producing Egg white products.

Whole Eggs vs. Egg Whites vs. Egg Yolks

Eggs are nutritious and raw eggs provide un-denatured proteins for easy absorption. Unfortunately, the yolks are on you if you keep on drinking whole eggs. One, the cholesterol level of one egg yolk is over 300 milligrams. That’s already a day’s worth of cholesterol. Second, raw egg consumption … Continue Reading...

OxyELITE Pro vs Oxy5001

If you want the 6-word version of this article, here it is:

OxyELITE Pro: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Because, what we have here is a copycat, and a lousy one at that.

The Story: There will always be a lot of competition when it comes to who has the best weight loss product on the market. Everyone is trying to be the next big phenomenon in the health industry world. OxyElite Pro is an amazing product that many have grown to imitate. Oxy5001 is one of these products which does a very poor job at competing. But don’t just take … Continue Reading...

OxyELITE Pro vs. New Formula

What is OxyElite?

OxyElite Pro is a fat burning supplement. It is unique in that unlike other fat burners it turns off the receptors in your body that are responsible for storing fat. This fat burner is designed to help you loose weight by increasing your metabolism and decreasing your appetite, but has many other great side effects. It will give you energy and focus to make it through your busy days without the shakes and inability to sleep associated with some weight loss supplements.

OxyElite Pro Benefits:

• A Great appetite suppressant • Amazing energy boost • Increase in … Continue Reading...

The New OxyELITE Pro Formula Has the Purple Top

OxyELITE Pro vs. Super HD

The market is already saturated with similar sounding supplements that some are bound to compare one with the other. So far OxyELITE Pro has been reigning supreme as a power fat burner. With its latest ingredient profile very few supplements could match up to it. The latest contender may have a shot; Cellucor Super HD has been gaining popularity as a fat targeting and sculpting agent.

Two supplements go head to head, each with their own blend of ingredients and benefits.

Cellucor Super HD

Over all, it’s a powerful product. It has great ingredients for boosting focus and with a … Continue Reading...

Fat Burners for Women

Women and Weight: Just Facts According to national surveys, one-third women do not do leisure time physical activity to lose weight. And the rest of them do not gain health benefits from such activities. The same excuses for inactivity are heard over and over again – no time, no energy, no motivation and no idea of the right product that works.

For one, technology has allowed people to inundate every hour with some kind of work. At the same time, the multitasking opportunity has made women to handle these tasks without ever leaving their chairs, making them gain even more … Continue Reading...

Fat Burners for Men

Losing the fat — without losing the muscle — is something that most men want. However, most men seem to fight a losing battle as many start to get pudgy when they get to their 30s. Over time, we gain a bit over 1 per year on average[1], which adds up significantly. That’s why many companies, health practitioners and even common people created various fat burners for men.

Unfortunately, many still think that a fat burner is just a product, a substance to be taken to help burn fat. If you just open your eyes and ears, you’ll find out … Continue Reading...

OxyELITE Pro vs. Roxylean

Need to lose weight? I am sure you have heard of many different ways to lose that unwanted fat, especially around the middle. Those pesky love handles just will not go away. The market is FULL of fat burners and weight loss supplements, but here we’re going to compare OxyELITE Pro and Roxylean.

The pros of OxyELITE Pro

OxyELITE Pro is great for suppressing your appetite. As a matter of fact it works so well you may have to force yourself to eat in order to get all the protein your body needs. It also works well at helping control… Continue Reading...